Jan 6, 2014

OCS with Long Hair

I went to Officer Candidate School in Quantico, Virginia in November 1968. My first humorous experience (now it is funny, not then) in OCS was that I knew that I wanted to simply hide in the background and get through this second boot camp as simply as possible. So I arrived early at OCS. A nasty First Sergeant put me on 24 hour duty, which meant I would arrive 12 hours late for OCS. I complained to the First Sergeant, who enjoyed my problem. I called the Sgt Major at OCS, who told me to obey the last order given. When I finally arrived 12 hours late to OCS I was tired and haggard from walking on duty all night.

Three Captains and a First Sergeant harassed me, spilling all my gear on the deck, searching all my gear and then ripping my stripes off my green uniform. One of the Captains asked me if I was scared sh__less. I replied “No Sir, this was what I expected.”

I spent the first week in OCS with a full head of hair since I had missed the bald haircut. I was thus easily recognizable to all the Drill Instructors. Each one had to have a heart to heart discussion with me about my long hair and prima donna ways. I had also missed the physical so could not work out with the other candidates. 

The Drill instructors quickly learned my name since I stood out. They knew that I was former enlisted and had me march the candidates all over the base. They also made me reorganize the squad bay several times. 

The other candidates did not know what to make of me. Was I some kind of spy, or junior Drill Instructor? I was very glad when the first week was over and I could get a bald OCS haircut, and blend back into obscurity.

Semper Fi

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