Jul 31, 2011

Rainbow Cone

Just got back from my first Rainbow cone this year. We were talking to waitress at dinner and when she asked about dessert, I said we were going to skip that course and do a Rainbow cone on the way home. She had never heard of them. Figures, she grew up in Midlothian, not the south side of Chi-town. 

We explained them and their mystique to her. She said she was definitely treating her 5 y/o daughter this week end.

As mentioned on this site before, The Creamery at Kansas and La Grange Road, Frankfort, sells the original.

Tom Schildhouse

Jul 29, 2011

Jul 27, 2011

Bob Hendry

Bob Hendry  MPHS Jan 1966

K-5 “The Portables” in Mt. Greenwood
6-8 Mt Greenwood Elementary
9 Clissold Branch MPHS
10-12 MPHS Main Building
Bob Stevenson Sandy Schuessler Bob Hendry

1966-1970 NIU, BS Business (Marketing) Pete Terry, and Sandy Schuessler were my best buds from HS at NIU

1973-1976 Loyola MBA (Lewis Towers)

I was in the first lottery, pulling 278………..and never got called up!  I’m just about the only guy of our age (I know of) who didn’t “go”.  Frankly, I’ve always felt a bit guilty about it……..especially since my brother Billy (MPHS June 68) went and saw too much.

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You can write your story on the blog above if you wish. Photos are a plus.

Jul 26, 2011

Mighty Mighty Mustang Bear

Bryant Thrilled To Be A Bear

Posted Jul 26, 2011

After finishing up summer football practice with Morgan Park High School, Corbin Bryant would go home to watch the sports segment on the local news and see the report on the Chicago Bears’ training camp. When the Bears report for training camp this Friday, Corbin Bryant will be a member of the team.

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Jul 25, 2011

EMPEHI REUNION Connect with your Friends

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Sutherland Reunion

Sutherland Classes of 62 and 63 A separate list moderated by Will Hepburn is planning a reunion of the Sutherland classes of '61, ’62 and ’63 on the same weekend as the Empehi 66 and 67 reunion. If you are a Sutherland alum and wish to participate, send an email to: 

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Jul 24, 2011

Coach Bill Warden

Bill Warden Class of 1954
North Central College
Hall of Fame
Induction Class of 2004
Men's Basketball

Bill Warden's talent on the court was so impressive that he was drafted by the Minneapolis Lakers after he graduated.

As a Cardinal, he finished as the record holder for most points in a career (2,249), most points in a season (689), most points in a game (52), most field goal attempts in a season (533), most field goals in a career (847), most field goals in a season (254), most free throws in a career (555), highest career scoring average (28.5) and highest single-season scoring average (32.8). 

Coach Warden was a great guy and a fine coach. He was very patient with the antics of his high school players.

When I was a senior I forgot to bring my jersey for the team photo. The Coach lent his brand new Chevy convertible to Al Carlson and I to drive home to retrieve the jersey.

It was a nice day and Al and I decided to take the top down. What we did not realize was that you had to unzip the rear glass window before you lowered the top.

Bang!! Window broken!  We are in deep Kimchee.

We drove to the Mt Greenwood Lutheran Church, found my mother, and borrowed money and her car. Al drove the Chevy to the Chevy dealership to get the window repaired. I drove my mother's car back to school to tell the Coach and face the music.

The Coach as you may remember was a huge guy and very angry. But he did not kill me and for that I am still grateful.

Al got the repaired car back to the coach about 6:00 pm. 

The Coach was a calm guy and did not hold it against us. In fact he even rebated some of the money - seems he had previously done the same thing and had torn the fabric which we had replaced.

Send any stories or photos you would like to share to me and I will post them on this blog. craighullinger@gmail.com


Coach Wardeen required Allen to drive Craig home because Coach didn't trust Craig with the car alone (and look what still happened), and Craig had brought the away uniform for a home game, not forgotten it. 
Al Carlson

Thanks for the correction, Al. Last time I will ever borrow the Coaches care with you.  I am going to tell the famous Carlson Cherry Bomb Story / Grounded For Life Story next.

Craig Hullinger

Jul 23, 2011

Great Photos

Great Photos and Technology.  Click on the site and move your mouse to move your perspective in all directions.

Thanks to Taffy Cannon MPHS 66 for sharing


Jul 22, 2011

Jul 21, 2011

Tom Shildhouse MPHS Rodeo Cowboy

Went to rodeo school. Always been a dream of mine since early childhood. Never saw myself as popular or charismatic. Wanted to stand out and be something special. And in my mind, in those days, rodeo cowboys were special, still are. 

Found a school in Prairie Du Chein, WI run by world champion cowboy Larry Mahan, paid my $200 bucks, got told by Larry after a few days, that I belonged here, the rest is history. When Larry told me that, my already inflated ego kinda made the decision for me. Never regretted my mis-spent youth or the occasional body ache that reminds me that I was, and still am, somebody special. Did things most folks are scared s***less to do and enjoyed it, survived it and was part of the sports community in a great way.

Interviewed by WGN tv and written about in a magazine called Fans, local sports rag. I also have a well-deserved sense of immortality, motor bike crashes, diving mishaps, and a few other malady's couldn't kill me so I figured I was pretty immortal. Don't know how true that is but I am sticking to that
approach to life, as it suits me perfectly.

Competed in the International Amphitheater Stockyards rodeo and several other big time events. Then I decided to do the Jimmy Buffett thing and go on to being the cowboy sailor. Now I sail, play tennis and wonder why the hell everyone else I know spends most of their time telling everybody else who will listen how sick, uncomfortable, in various forms and degrees of pain they are. As I said in the sail update, gosh I love my life.

I am looking forward now, finally getting PADI (scuba diving) certificate, which, although I have dived most of my life, never went through the process of certifying. Also, gonna do it a few years ago but the weather got crappy, next year I will learn to surf on Lake Michigan. My wife keeps trying to remind me of how old I am, I tell her that when I get, I will gladly pass from this mortal realm, but that won't ever happen 'cuz I ain't never
gettin' old.

And, if I am lucky, I ain't ever gettin' bored, either.


Tom Schildhouse

Jul 20, 2011

Will Hepburn MPHS and Wife

The battleship USS Missouri was the flagship of the US Pacific Fleet, and was the site of the surrender ceremony in Tokyo Bay that marked the end of WWII in the Pacific.  Right now, the Missouri is anchored in Pearl Harbor, maintaining a vigil next to the USS Arizona Memorial.  The Missouri's big guns, each barrel weighing more than the space shuttle, have been silent for a long time.

But the USS Missouri was not quiet at all on the evening of July 4th.  My wife Cathleen, and the Angelorum Choir she is part of, was invited to join a big 4th of July celebration on the deck of the USS Missouri.

This world renowned choir from Yavapai College has been together for 13 years and sadly conducted its final performance in the 2500 seat Blaisdell Auditorium in downtown Honolulu.  College budget cuts have brought an end to an era.

It was a great show, great memories, and a fun trip.

I'm sorry, but the only video I have right now is this short promo clip Angelorum did on Honolulu TV.  Cathy is in the front row, center, in case you'd like to watch it.


Mac Race - Tom Schildhouse MPHS Jan 66

We retired from the race last night at 11:30 p.m. With seas building and rogue waves topping 6+ feet, we gave it up. We were rounded up by the wind, pouring water into the cockpit, over the gunwale and almost capsizing the boat on several occasions. 

We were about 20 miles behind Wing Nuts, which capsized and lost 2 crew members, who were trapped under the boat and were discovered by Coast Guard divers when the weather permitted them to dive into the overturned vessel. Six others were rescued by fellow racers who abandoned their own chances to win by veering off course and participating in the rescue efforts.

We spent the night in Muskegon MI with another racing boat, a New York 36 who had also abandon the race after two crew members were injured during a rounding up, such as we experienced. One was knocked unconscious and was
still hospitalized and the other suffered painful lacerations to his face when thrown around the cabin below decks. Their skipper has 21 Macs under his racing keel and told us that he has NEVER, in 21 years of Mac racing, ever seen a storm of such intensity and duration.

It was a baptism by fire and, while a little disappointed, after hearing the tales of other racers, we do not regret our decision to drop out and live to sail another day.

I think this is proof-positive that some are never too old or too (fill in this space kindly) to live the life and grasp the moment.


Downside, my wife informed that she spent VERY unpleasant night scared to death and following the race by Internet and transponders that are installed on all Mac boats. She is not all that happy with me at the moment. I told her my solution was, she's welcome to join us next year, no need to wait at home. Since some of you may share these thoughts with grandchildren, I will spare you the nature and content of her response..

Tom Schildhouse

Jul 19, 2011

Newest Outdoor Sculpture in Chicago

Click for More Photos and Info

Thanks to Ken Zalga for sending

The Pundits Views 

What do you think?  

Provocative Attractive Art 
Tacky Sexist Graffity? 

Please comment below:

Jul 18, 2011

Dick Biondi - Connect on Yahoo or Facebook

We have had a lot of discussion about radio and music from the 60's on our Yahoo Page. The discussion shifted to Dick Biondi. Our own Linda Larson Knows Dick and has shared some stories.

If you would like to connect to some of your MPHS friends, join Yahoo or Facebook. Directions on the column on the left. 

Dick Biondi is an American Top 40 and Oldies disc jockey. Calling himself "The Wild I-tralian", he was one of the original "screamers," known for his screaming delivery as well as his wild antics on the air and off. 

Click to Read More:

Jul 17, 2011

Mini Reunion Aug 7

Hi. all of you busy, busy people!

I just wanted to do some co-ordinating so that we all have seats at Lou Malnati's on August 7. Sorry but the restaurant does not take reservations but we can all sit together if I call our order in advance about a half hour before we arrive. So, would all of you be so kind as to visit the menu on Lou Malnati's site:

and decide what you will be ordering. If you want an individual or chip in with the group for a large pizza,  or would you prefer the individual pizza which can feed 1-2, which kind of crust and which kind of toppings will you be ordering. If you want to just go along with the group's choice of a big pizza, then we just divide the cost at the end of the meal. Either way is fine with me. Please be sure to let me know either through the Morgan Park group site here or email me at:


If I don't hear from you before the 7th, then you will probably not be able to sit with us, but can join us after we are done eating to stroll around town. There are benches around town too so you won't have to be standing all of the time you are in our area. The not taking reservations policy has been implemented due to the economy and the restaurants have to do whatever it takes to not lose money so I'm sure all of you will understand.

I am looking forward to down time with everyone. It will be so good to see Gaye again also.
And as a special treat my husband will be coming with me. He is a Physics Instructor at Northern Illinois University and will be happy to answer all of the amateur science buffs questions. Hope to see many of you there. So far there are 9 of us attending. Two more are maybes and the more the merrier!

Have a great HOT weekend!  Julie M. from Naperville, IL


Mini Reunion Naperville August 7, 2011

Hi everyone...

We decided to have another mini-reunion as we like to try to gather when out of town alumni friends are going to be here in the area, so that they can make it also. The only date that our classmate, Gaye Marcus can meet with us while she is in town visiting her sister, is August 7.

I want to let everyone know where and when the next mini-reunion will take place....
The date is August 7.
The time is 1 pm.
The place is Lou Malnati's in downtown Naperville, IL.
Lou's phone number is 1-630-717-0700
The intenet link is:   http://www.loumalnatis.com/locations/Details.aspx?ID=20  Please refer to the above link to this restaurant in this email. This link to the Lou Malnati's site has info, directions and a menu for Lou's. To help everyone adjust to the change in place, I picked a restaurant that is remindful of Beggars. It's inexpensive, good service and offers a big variety of Italian fare The biggest feature of eating at Lou Malnati's is their authentic Chicago-style deep dish pizza prepared in the same manner as Uno's and Due's that originated in Chicago. The taste of Lou Malnati's pizza is identical to that of those two original Chicago greats. I ate many a pizza at Due's in the 70's and it was delicious then as Lou's is delicious today. I hope everyone will enjoy themselves here. Lin Lou Scalia has suggested that we all make a b-line for Jilly's after we eat, where they have great live music on the weekends that features music from the Baby Boomer era. The downtown area is loaded with things to do here also, so either before or after eating we can also enjoy a stroll down by the Riverwalk and around the downtown area. They have a great ice cream parlor a few blocks from Lou's; the blocks in Naperville's downtown being quite short.

Anyone from 1965-1967 graduation date from Morgan Park High School is welcome to join us. Since I will be the host this time, I will be making the reservation and would appreciate a call or email regarding whether you plan to attend to make sure we can all sit together. If you know of anyone who does not subscribe to our Yahoo group, but you think might want to attend, please let them know about our get-together. Ask them to contact me through this group site or my personal email at jillmarcogirliegirl2007@yahoo.com. Hope to see many of you there. We always have a really nice, fun time together. I will post directions in a few days on how to get here from the southwest side of Chicago if anyone needs help with that.

Julie Marschand, Naperville IL 1967 grad

Jul 16, 2011

Beverly/Morgan Park Railroad Station District

The six historic Metra stations between 91st St. and 115th St. are all part of the Chicago Landmark Beverly/Morgan Park Railroad District. Built in the late 19th and early 20th century, these stations are at ground level, unlike most newer stations, which are elevated or underground. Their architecture is reminiscent of the Colonial Revival, Queen Anne, and Richardsonian Romanesque styles that are prominent in the surrounding homes.
W. 99th St. & S. Wood St.
Chicago, IL 60643
For additional information please visit http://egov.cityofchicago.org/Landmarks/

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Morgan Park, Mt. Greenwood

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