Jan 10, 2014

85 % of Americans Surf the Net

85 % of Americans surf the net

73% of online adults use social networking sites

71% of online adults use Facebook

22% of online adults use LinkedIn

18% of online adults use Twitter

21% use Pinterest 


Our Morgan Park Alumni group uses all these social networking systems. But it appears from the graph that about 1/2 of our alumni do not use social media.

Our 60 something alumni are of an age that is between the 43% and 60% usage rate - say 50%. So we must use snail mail when we publicize a reunion.


Social impact
Do social networking sites isolate people and truncate their relationships? Or are there benefits associated with being connected to others in this way? In November 2010, we examined SNS in a survey that explored people’s overall social networks and how use of these technologies is related to trust, tolerance, social support, community, and political engagement, and found:
  • Social networking sites are increasingly used to keep up with close social ties
  • The average user of a social networking site has more close ties and is half as likely to be socially isolated as the average American
  • Facebook users are more trusting than others
  • Facebook users have more close relationships
  • Internet users get more support from their social ties and Facebook users get the most support
  • Facebook users are much more politically engaged than most people
  • Facebook revives “dormant” relationships

Pew Internet: Social Networking (full detail) | Pew Research Center's ...


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