Jan 20, 2014

Holy Cow!! Print your own Chocolate!

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Uncommon Wisdom Afternoon Edition
Uncommon Wisdom Afternoon Edition
Jan 17, 2014
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  • Five-hour candies ...
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  • BBY an even better buy!
Dear Frank ,
Earnings season unfolded a little more today. The good surprises offset the bad ones, leaving the benchmarks mixed.
In fact, you can say the same thing about the entire week. The Dow was flat, the Nasdaq rose a little, and the S&P 500 fell.
Since it’s Friday ahead of a holiday weekend, I’ve decided to send you off with a lighter story. You know I am a technology fan. I also enjoy cooking and trying new foods. Today I have a story about both subjects for you.
3D printed candyThree-dimensional printing technology is developing quickly. When I wrote about printable pizza last summer, I said “ ... it’s still a long way from reality.”
The pizza project is still in development, but we may soon have something even better: 3D printed chocolate!
Yesterday, a company called 3D Systems (DDD) announced a joint venture with Hershey (HSY) to develop edible products with 3D Systems technology. With Hershey involved, I think we can presume chocolate will be in the mix.
I dug a little deeper and found an even more interesting story. Kyle and Liz Von Hasseln are the young American student-chefs behind this technology. Working from their home in Los Angeles, they adapted a non-edible 3D printer to use sugar as an ingredient.
After weeks of experimenting, Kyle and Liz finally “printed” a tiny birthday cupcake.
Now they have a food business called The Sugar Lab and work with 3D Systems developing food printer technology.
Watch this 5-minute video to see what they can do.
>video clip
I think the story is impressive, even if you don’t have a sweet tooth. Creative genius is alive, andbreakthrough designs can emerge from humble, unexpected places.
Kyle says in the video that it takes the printer over five hours to make the larger candies, so this technology is still in its infancy. 3D Systems will start selling the devices this year.
I can’t wait for the day I give my wife her own custom-designed chocolates. With some luck, it could happen very soon.
Contributed by MPHS Alumni Nan Brennan

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