Jan 27, 2014

The Dark Syde - Arny Freytag on drums ( a Canteen Band)

Thanks to Kristine Lang  Posted on Facebook  EMPEHI ALUMNI 1954-1979
The Dark Syde - Arny Freytag on drums ( a Canteen Band)

  • Chris Vlachos Excellent band. They played regularly at the Gospel Zone. When he joined our band (Concrete Firetruck) it brought each of us to a whole new level. It was like having Michael Jordan on the team.
  • Kristine Lang Arny says; "We used to own Gospel Zone, but I never played in Concrete Firetruck.
    The Gospel Zone was a lot of fun for 17 year old guys!"
  • Chris Vlachos Kristine, perhaps you can send Arny the pictures from my FB page to refresh his memory. Note esp. the picture of him on the drums at our band practice in Dave Heeren's basement. He was good friends and went to school at Luther South with our organist Keith Nordmeyer. Maybe he is mixing up the name with the Klique.
  • Kristine Lang can you tag me on the pictures you want sent, Chris? or just send them to me? I'll forward them.
  • Chris Vlachos The pics I tagged you in were from our last gig. Message Keith Nordmeyer who will have a better memory of how long Arny played with us. Keith recruited Arny to join the band after he left the Dark Syde. I'd be curious to hear what Keith says since he has a much better memory than me on our band history..
  • Kristine Lang I sent them to Arny with the message 'Ringin' any bells??' lol
  • Keith Nordmeyer Hi yes, Arny left the Dark Syde to join the Firetruck. He stayed with us until we broke up in Aug of 1969. We went to Luther South together and graduated in 1968. He was our drummer for about 6 months. He probably doesn't remember the name. When you talk to him say hello for me and ask him to friend me. Thanks!!
  • Richard Black I found pics of Arny w/Rick Siegel, Cedric Carlson and I in 1964..Nightcrawlers....Harry Olson on bass..Arny is now the superstar of Playboy & Penthouse with his "twins" shoots and TV success...thats what he was doing with those cameras HA!
  • Debbie Raetz I remember Canteens!
  • Mary Jane Cole Arny Freytag is now Arne'. He is probably the most successful of everyone. He was or still is the "Chief" of Photography for Playboy magazine. I don't like that sort of stuff but one has to admit, he made it big time! He went to Luther H.S. with the late Ken Schaller.
  • Kristine Lang He's a friend and not with PB anymore
  • John Wason My old buddy John Zielinski used to talk about being in a band with Arny Freytag, Ken Schaller, Harry Olson, et al. Fact or fiction that he was part of it? If fact, what would have been the name of the band?
  • Mary Jane Cole Urban Faber was in it as well on drums. I don't know the name, but he would.
  • Richard Black The band was The Vicounts [that's how they spelled it] Inc. It featured Schaller, John Z, Arney [drums], John Gately [Peoples Store] [drums]..2 of them, Olson and a everchanging front line including me & Cedric. While they were playing Canteens I was playing bars [ha] and joints like The Cheetah, Wild Goose and such..Of all those folks I gueaa only Siegel and I went on to actually have careers in Rock music..a shame..a few were talented...like The Bitter Ends but the Firetruck was too whimpy. Urban's "other" band was The Fifth Union [after Bittr Ends].. Wow I thought I was the one with the drud-addled memory!
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  • Kristine Lang Hey, Rick, I just called you and left you a msg to call me 
  • John Foster I think he married my neighbor at the time Lynn Haan
  • John Wason So what ever happened to Cedric Carlson,Richard Black?

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