Aug 25, 2009

April Lais Wolf and Ron Wolf

Thank you Craig for posting all of the wonderful pictures. Fortunately, the weather cooperated and everyone could enjoy visiting in scenic downtown Chicago. Ron and I are sorry that we had to miss all of the fun.                              

We also have some great places to gather in the Plano and Dallas area. " Shops at Legacy" has a hotel, numerous restaurants and areas to just sit around and visit. If everyone doesn't like summer here, spring or fall would be perfect..

Hi to everyone!

April (Lais) Wolf

Barbara Reese / Ray Justinic / Jack Barber / Renee Toppen Vitello

On Aug 26, 2009 Barbara wrote:

It seems by all the happy faces (you all still look the same) that I missed a fantastic time! Jim and I were with our two grandbabies up in Boulder while Matt (our Olympian son-in-law) and daughter were competing in what else?? a triathlon, out of town. Would have loved seeing all of you (last time was in Saugatuck), so tell me when is the next reunion?

We will be in Chicago on October 6-10th any chance I can catch you locals?

Barbara (Schultz) Rees

Ray Justinic wrote:

Looks like a great time was had by all....sorry I missed the memories.

Amazing no one looks any different than we did on graduation day from Morgan Park...

Best to all,

Ray J


Barb and Ray, you silver tounged devils. It is the pilot in Ray and the Rocky Mountain High in Barb.

You better come next time. Miss Camutz will be very severe if you are a no show next time. Applies to everyone else as well.



From: Ray Justinic

I remember chasing Miss Camutz down the hall after service with Miss Waters when she would forget her crutch in the counselor's office. She never said thanks, just grunted and took it. So I don't want her on my case. Just keep me in the loop for the next get together and I will try. I will apologize in advance because that will advance the age and ruin the next set of pictures. Off to the airport for a flight.

On Aug 27, 2009 Jack Barber wrote:

Craig - Thanks for pulling the reunion together Saturday. I had a great time. It was a nice sized group and I really enjoyed seeing all of you after all these years.



Glad I was able to make the reunion last weekend and just arrived back in Prescott tonight!  Had a wonderful time and hope to see everyone again soon, while missing those of you who could not make it.  Special thanks to Craig for all his work and for giving me a ride back to Orland Park and to Gene for keeping me warm.  Oh by the way, Bob S., you do not have to get your course book out to see if you took typing, it was Bob U. - at least the first name was right!

Several of us talked about Zion National Park in Utah, as a possibility.

Looking forward to being back in the Chicago area once again from September 13 - October 31.


Aug 24, 2009

Bob Hendry Photos - Jan 66 MPHS Mini Reunion Aug 09

MPHS Jan 66 Street Gang in front of the "Bean" in Millenium Park

John Barber, Bob Hendry, Bob Glines, John Meeks

Craig Hullinger, Bob Stevenson, John Meeks

Bob Glines, Pete Terry, John Barber, Bob Hendry

Hi Craig………………

I had a great time! I can't recall the last time I enjoyed so many good "belly laughs"!



A few pics attached (look at Rene in 025)

Aug 23, 2009

Don Martenson / Miss Camutz

On Aug 24, 2009 Don Martensen wrote:
Craig, I see rave reviews coming in. You've got a winning system for organizing fun reunions in an efficient, no fuss, no hassle, low cost way. Everyone else expends a lot more time and energy on what are probably less enjoyable outcomes. And most can't do it without convening a bunch of committees. Must be your military training. I think you should run for Congress.

I'm happy there is talk of another reunion somewhere. Did you get a sense of what time frame people are thinking of? A year, two, three? I hope it's sooner rather than later. Nice job!


Thanks for the kind words, Don, but don't think flattery will get you out of the virtual reality counselling session with Miss Camutz. She came in a dream vision last night, landed near MPHS, and told me she was going to be very severe with anyone who missed the reunion. And she did not give any excused absences. So all of you who missed the reunion, even when you had a valid excuse, can expect to meet her in your dreams. She is flying in a UFO, which lands in Millenium Park.

 She is Baaack !! She will be very severe!!!

UFO Abducts students and teacher from MPHS in 1966,
returns in 2009 in Millenium Park

We did not discuss when we would hold the next reunion. A couple of years from now, probably.  Volunteers (They may have been under the influence) included Larry Herman's home in Michigan, Bob Glines boat on Lake Michigan, Jane Mulder's home in Wisconsin, Renee and Susan Wiggins out west, and/or back in downtown Chicago.

Not sure when.  If we do it too often people will miss.  We don't want to interfere with the big 65 / 66 /67 reunion, which will probably be every 5 years.  But we are getting older, many of us retired or close to it, and we more time off. So whoever volunteers next, that is where it will be.

Jane Mulder arrived late, catching up

Dave Innes & Jane Mulder

Pete Terry, John Barber, Bob Hendry

Mr. & Mrs Larry Herman

John Meeks, Larry Herman

Dave Innes

Larry Herman, Sandy Schuessler

Photos by Chuck Kuenneth MPHS Jan 66

Photos by Chuck Kuenneth MPHS Jan 66

Renee Toppen, Mirjana Bartl

Jan 66 Mini Reunion

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Jan 66 Mini Reunion

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MPHS Jan 66 in ?

MPHS Jan 66 in ?

Aug 9, 2009

Jan 66 Morgan Park High School Mini Reunion

August 22-23, 2009
Downtown Chicago
Hilton Hotel on South Michigan Ave
720 South Michigan Ave. Chicago, Illinois 60605 312-922-4400

No cost, just show up and assume command of the lounge on the first floor - northeast corner of the Hilton.
Meet at 1:00 pm on Saturday, hang around the rest of the day and evening.

Vote for eating was progressive supper (Eat as we walk)
-- -
Options - Walk to Millenium Park, and/or the Lake, and/or Navy Pier, eating as we go. Weather permitting, Bob Glines may have his boat in Burnham Harbor.
If it is too hot or rainy, stay at the hotel. If the walk is too far, a cab or bus to the Pier is easy.
Breakfast the next morning in the hotel if you stay overnight.
And please send it on to anyone else from Jan 66 that you would like to have come to the event.

Please check the emails to make sure I have them correctly. Your signficant other is of course invited.
Good time to hunt down people that you want to see.

If you end up joining us late or are lost
Craig's cell is 309 643 0482.
Sandy Schuessler Wright's cell 419 602 0654
Randy Lam's cell is 818-618-2098 (Will not be there till Sunday)