Jan 20, 2014

Mount Greenwood Parade

I have a video link that I want to share of my Dad's video of a Mt. Greenwood parade held in 1952, that went down 111th St. If you see anything, or anyone you recognize I would love to hear about it as everyone else would also enjoy the feedback too!

The link is: https://db.tt/xsjRcCQX in Dropbox. If the link doesn't work, you can just type it in the way it is here. If you have a slower connection, it may take a moment to download it. Now get some popcorn, and enjoy!

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Growing up in Mt. Greenwood in the late fifties and sixties.

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  • Tom Ryan Great video!!
  • Trudy Maxwell Altman Omg that was so awesome,i wasn't born yet but I was so hoping to see my late parents ( no luck) but it still brought tears to my eyes.Thank you for sharing
  • Jeff Para AWESOME..!!! Thanks for sharing!
  • Ralph Komives Donna Williams father in car #70 is at 2:36.
  • Ed Barkowski Rick Fritz, you, your pictures, and now this video, has brought new meaning to a picture is worth a 1000 words. Thank you so much.
  • Rick Fritz Would you believe I have even more movies, but I want to dole them out, little by little! Glad you are all enjoying these.
  • Gloria Kamper LOVE it!! Thanks for sharing!!
  • John Charleston The soundtrack is perfect !
  • Tom Greaney Thanks for sharing!!! AWESOME!
  • John Wason I never even knew anyone who had a movie camera when I was growing up. Couldn't have imagined such a thing.
  • James Dart That was very cool...
  • Kathleen Derbak Haupt Awesome. Thank you so much for sharing 
  • Norman Rick Would love to see this---tried everything, but my PC will not find it for me---they want me to download this software & that software. Oh, well---I was only 2 yo in 1952, so I wouldn't recognize anybody anyway! 
  • Bob Brockway Norm, it's to bad you can't see it Tony Butera is on a flat bed truck with his accordion students
  • Norman Rick Yeah, Bob---for the past 6 months or so, my PC wants me to do Google Chrome---says my Internet Explorer is obsolete---but I only want IE. I have downloaded Chrome in the past--then it wants to always take over my PC & make it my default, etc. I hate th...See More
  • John Wason Wish I could help you with your computer issues, Norm. There are easy ways around all of those issues. I've been using Chrome for years now, and love it. You simply don't check the boxes where it asks to be your default browser, and/or to install a new toolbar. It'll never ask you again. You can also change the options later without uninstalling Chrome.
  • Bob Brockway Norm, download Firefox.
  • Carolyn Rambert Kroll Norman Rick, if you inbox me your e-mail address, I have it in my e-mail, and could forward it to you !
  • Maryann Horejs-Decker Rick....thank-you!!! It looks like the film was taken looking south on 111th. I can't wait to see more!!
  • Maryann Horejs-Decker Norman...Chrome is so much better. IE doesn't let you do very much anymore. It wanted me to take down my security to do updates...no!
  • Norman Rick Just tried to download Firefox---it has totally screwed me up---put all kinds of stuff on my PC---was able to uninstall most of it ---my AVG blocked one virus threat because of my attempt---now I've got someing called Search Protect which has overtaken my MSN Homepage---I just can't win. Vdangerous! Now I can't get rid of the Search Protect thing down at lower right bottom of my screen. Man! 
  • John Wason I can't imagine, Norm. 
  • Maryann Horejs-Decker Norman...you can go back to a past date on your system and it will be fine.
  • John Wason Actually, I CAN imagine.  You have to know what you're doing when you install software. But Firefox and Chrome are quite safe, as software goes.
  • Norman Rick This Search Protect is a virus---now all sorts of weird things are happening. Maybe I can try System Restore, even though the last time I had success with that was about 12 years ago---we'll see?? But if it is a virus, I do not think System Restore will help. Gonna try it anyway!
  • John Wason Why not use your AVG antivirus first, Norm, to scan your computer and quarantine the virus?
  • Maryann Horejs-Decker It worked for me Norman...it goes back to a previous date and it takes time...but try it before it gets worse. Or call the antivirus company...it's a long process...they put several more antivirus blocks.
  • Norman Rick System Restore was NOT successful---said go back to a bolded date---so I went back to Jan. 2. Then I got the idea to go to "Add or Remove Programs". I think that may have worked. "Search Protect" left that list & the "Search Protect" icon at the bottom...See More
  • Norman Rick btw, John---I supposedly have Chrome on my PC, but it gets "angry" at me for not making it my default browser---I am old fashioned & like my MSN (Internet Explorer), even though whenver I try to upgrade IE, this same crap always happens to me. So, I'm just gonna leave well enough alone from now on (if that's even possible??)
  • John Wason If you get an off-the-wall program from an untrusted site, you will occasionally get that junk. But Chrome and Firefox have their very own web sites. Cnet.com is probably the best site out there for downloading a wide variety of software, much of it free. They also have reviews of the software.
  • Norman Rick Thanks John---but I am a nervous wreck right now---so, just gonna leave things alone & hope I didn't get myself in big trouble. I only use my PC for a few things---email, online banking, buying stuff from amazon & ebay & of course, FaceBook. Maybe browse Craigslist for guitar lessons. My son sends out his resumes, too. But that's about all............................
  • John Wason Anyone who uses his/her computer for financial purposes REALLY needs to understand how viruses work....and how they DON'T work. 
  • John Wason Wish I had the time to type out the story of a friend of mine whose computer locked up and displayed a screen which purported to be a message from the FBI, telling him to mail a "fine" of $300 to a certain address or have his computer permanently disab...See More
  • Bob Brockway Sorry Norm but Firefox is a safe web browser. You can choose between it and IE. I do not know what went wrong. If you have an outdated IE you are going to have lots of problems. Sorry for recommending Firefox.
  • Norman Rick Son-in-law spent 12 hours redoing everything---was finally able to get PC to start---removed virus---got rid of IE & installed Google Chrome. Taking me some time to get used to Chrome---very different than IE. I almost bought a new PC, but they all com...See More
  • Thomas Morgan Windows 8 stinks for sure Norm. I just talked to one of my IT guys a few days ago about where to buy a laptop that doesn't have windows 8. You would think they would smarten up. I, like you, didn't buy a new laptop/PC, because of the windows 8 mess. I ...See More
  • Norman Rick Only bad thing about XP is the service date ends in July of 2014, That means no more support or Windows Updates. I know you can buy a Dell XPS 8700 for $769 with Windows 7---awesome price!
  • Tom Greaney Norm you just have to get a MAC by Apple and you will not have those problems.
  • Norman Rick My son-in-law says I would have total meltdown, as I am so in my ways, and have had Dell computers since 2000. And my wife says she will kill me if I spend the $2k on a Mac. Maybe someday?? But I am back in business, and my son-in-law would not take an...See More
  • Carolyn Gragido Mayer I switched to a Mac several years ago and wouldn't go back. I've had no problems with viruses, etc. I also have Chrome, Safari and Firefox. I usually use Firefox, but Chrome and Firefox are good also. Good luck and good thing your son-in-law can troubleshoot your pc.
  • Rick Fritz Carolyn I still use both formats, but my new iMac is much lighter, and with LED backlight is sharper, clearer, etc., I also prefer Firefox, but more people of an evil nature are trying to add viruses to Apple products, so I have to keep my guard up.

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