Feb 26, 2011

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Feb 20, 2011

Jim Ohse

Judy Burke, Jim Ohse, and Katen Holck Ketterman

We our saddened to hear of the passing of another of our classmates, Jim Ohse. Our condolences and best wishes are sent to his family and friends.

A memorial visitation for Jim Ohse will be Feb 25th, 2011 at the Zimmerman and Sandeman Funeral Home at 9900 w 143rd st Orland Park ILL 4 to 8pm.

Jim Ohse always made his presence known. You always knew when he was in the room, because he was a fun loving guy. He will be missed. Rest in Peace. 2-14-11


I remember talking to Jim at least 2 reunions ago. He had a small sailboat and was going to try to sail more. He worked for Cook County Juvenile Probation, as I remember (although he had been drinking a bit and I was, too).

I worked for another department of Cook County and we never crossed paths. I recall that we joked about his being voted most likely to HAVE a probation officer in MPHS ( a joke he truly did enjoy). I thought it humorous that he was known as a pretty tough guy and as we talked about things we had done, including sailing, my years as a rodeo cowboy came up. He said to my wife after I had stepped away from the table: "he's got more balls than I EVER had." 

My wife did not note the significance of this statement, as she was unaware of Jim's persona in H.S. as a guy you did not mess with. I though that it was ironic that Jim thought I was the tough guy, as it turned out.

We talked a few times after that via the county phone directory, but never were able to meet up. He always was, to me, at least, a stand up guy and I played football with him for a couple of years. We were also on the gymnastics team together.

He was a great competitor and one of his best events, as I recall, was the rings. His upper body strength and competitiveness made him a perennial force to be reckoned with on both the local and State levels. He also did trampoline and high bar events, but I mostly remember him as a ring--man.

On the tramp, coach Campbell always yelled at him for failing to keep his knees locked and his form suffered in that area. But he was a top-notch man on those rings.

We will miss him.

Tom Schildhouse


Please let me know what happened to Jim Ohse. I went to grade school and high school with him. He was my very first boyfriend at age l3. 

Elaine Freeberg Duffens


I was thinking about Jim recently. I always associated him with the 20th reunion that gave out the mason jar like mugs with the Empehi logo on it. I still use them to keep my change in.

Is is my imagination or do middle linebackers tend to die younger than most of us?



Rest in God's peace, Jim. All the suffering is gone. 

Barb (an old family friend)


Rest in Peace, Jim

EMPEHI, EMPEHI, We are loyal

Craig Hullinger


Karen Holck Ketterman

Condolences to the Ohse family and Jim's friends. He certainly didn't get cheated on the fun side of things, did he? Legendary parties at his place live on for those who were lucky enough to have been there, Gone but not forgotten!

Grover Klein 

Jim was in my division. They call it home room now. With Mr. Lebensorger for the four years. Sat right next to me.

He will be missed.

Al L.

Craig wrote: "i am very sad to hear about Jim. He was always a great person" 

Craig Dakes

What happened to Jim Ohse? He was my lab partner in chemistry. He had a tough guy persona, but believe me, he was capable of being charming and kind.

A real flirt. At the last reunion, he confessed that he had a crush on me for years. So sweet. Now three of my favorite guys are gone -- Jim, Paul Somerman and Dave Noren. So, so sad.

Ginny Michet Scanlan

Karen Holck Ketterman sent me this message to pass on:

A memorial visitation for Jim Ohse will be Feb 25th Zimmerman amd Sandeman Funeral home 9900 w 143rd st Orland Park ILL between 4-8 pm.
Taffy Cannon

January 1966 

That '65 season EMPEHI Mustangs football team was indeed a great one and the best I saw in my years at MP. Loaded with real fine football players. Mel Reddick, Hugh Lee, Crnich, Van Beek, Habschmidt, Jack Terry, Ray Justinic, Tony Witkus, Kirk Jones, Cliff Allman, Jim Miller and Ohse...Ohse played offensive guard and linebacker both with wild abandon. He was fearless and could really hit.

Thanks to those mentioned and unmentioned for one exciting season.

Jim Dart '66


Hey Jim,

Thanks for for the mention and remembering. Like everyone else that knew Jimmy O I am very sad to hear of his passing. We were co captains of the 65 Mustang's team but our history started as freshman. I cannot help but get a smile on my face when I think of some of the stuff he did when we were in high school and after. He had not changed when we got together at the reunions and relived the good times.. I knew of his medical problems but was sure he would beat it. I guess Jimmy and Hugh Lee can share some of the football memories until the rest of the team meets again.

Ray Justinic

When I sat by my computer, late last night, I clicked on our site.

Seeing all those RIP's and Jim's name....I said out loud "oh, no."

It just made me so sad to think that Jim had passed.

I want to remember ALL the good times that I saw him and talked with him and the time that he gave me hope and support....when I needed it so badly.

At Morgan Park.....I could see him walking down the halls @ EMPEHI with his books under his arm. He was very focused even walking down the hall, he had an agenda!!! I don't think I had classes with him but I do remember him dating and going with Laura Shoen (i don't think I spelt her last name correct) most of HIgh School. Laura and I were friends in our Freshman year.

Yes, football, I remember well, the 65' season...the best ever...and all those guys with Jim makin' up a GREAT team!!!!

The rings??? I think there is a picture of Jim O. on the rings in one of our yearbooks. He did have such upper body strength.

At the reunions....The first reunion I remember seeing Jim at was at the Palos Country Club.(1990) I really wasn't going to go. I got a call from Joyce Boshardt telling me that I could come on a last minute notice. Just bring $20.00 or so. Just drinks and appetizers.

So, I decided to go. We had just moved to St. John , Indiana that year. But I wanted to be there.

Linda Cutrano and I met there and one of the lst people I saw was Jim Olse. He came up to Linda and I with his big smile. He danced with both of us. He always ..really...listened to what u had to say. Really had that way when I talked to him.

Spent a wonderful night with everyone. Linda and I stayed til everything was over. Jim was leaving and a couple other "girls" in our class were leaving at the same time. Am really thinking it COULD OF been the Stark twins that were around. Not FOR SURE if it was them. They were leaving with Jim. Linda and I stood in the parking lot and watched Jim pick up one them up and carried her to their car!!!

He WAS.... JIM OLSE....u didn't know what he would do sometimes. I guess you could say he was very spontaneous!! ...Linda and I laughed and laughed at seeing that. We were the only ones WHO DID see that happen!!

At the 2003 reunion, I saw Jim again. He hugged me and then we started talking about our lives.

I definitely wanted to be there for that reunion more than ANY of the previous ones. Being that I was diagnosed in JUne of 2003 with Hodgkins Lymphoma. I didn't know for sure that I would survive it.

When I saw Jim, I mentioned to him that I only told a few close friends there of my condition. He was one of them. I told him I didn't want to die...not yet. I wanted to be there for family.

He grabbed a hold of me and looked me straight in the eyes and said
"you will make it, Linda." He really gave me MORE hope just by saying those words....Words ARE powerful...either, negative or positive....

I have a picture of the two of us that night.

At the 2007 reunion, I spotted JIm at the Lexington House. He saw me and gave me a hug. He said some cute things to me, he was a flirt that's for sure....but nice.

When we met at the Oak Lawn Hilton that next night, he visited around with all of us. I told him that I was meeting with about 10 of us at the bar after the reunion. I asked him to join us.

When I walked in, Jim was sitting at a small table. He came over to where our group was. I left after about a half hour. Never got to say good-bye to Jim. Now, I wished I had....

I think that was great that he was working with kids that needed a positive direction in their young lives. I was really impressed when he told me. But Jim didn't brag about it.

I will miss seeing Jim at our next reunion.....Rest In Peace..Jim......we won't forget u....

"more...memories, pressed between the pages of our minds...."
Knew James from Grammer school and High School and beyond. Saw him at reunion at few years ago and his was just the same. My thoughts are with your friends and family at this time. May you rest in peace.
Posted by: Sandra Weiss DeNucci - Lewisville, TX - Friend Feb 21, 2011

May you rest in Peace! Give my brother Bruce a hug for me! My condolences to your family, may God's embrace and your loving memories give you comfort in your loss.

Posted by: Kathy Raetz Wojtasik - Oak Forest, IL - Friend

Have had some fun times with Nana and Uncle Jamie . Having laughs and drinks. Although he is no longer here on earth, he's in no more pain, no more sorrow. He's at rest and at peace now. Jen Hinkle (carpenter)
Posted by: Jennifer Hinkle - Channahon, IL - Close family friend.


Fond memories of Jim and partying at his home. Was friends with Jim during the time he dated our mutual friend Ellen Ewing.
Posted by: Susan Engle - Amherst, NY - Post high school friend


Wow...stunning ! I knew Jamie from the day he moved in a few doors down. We went to Morgan Park together and played a lot of sports together. Watched a lot of TV at his house as we picked on Rory & Debbie. Then his dad would yell at both of us and yikes...Mr. O got everyones attention immediately...didn't he ? Yes. Jamie will be missed. He was a tough nosed athlete and knew only one word..."win". That has inspired me many times in my life. May God grant you His peace. See you in Heaven my friend !
Posted by: Steve Tello - Bloomington, IL - Childhood friend


I was a few years Jim's junior, but remember clearly him being nice to me at a party. I was wet behind the ears, trying to fit in with the older guys there, and Jim took a bit of his time to make small talk with me. Funny how the little things matter so much! 
Thanks Jim!
Condolences to family and friends.
Posted by: Grover Klein - New Albany, IN - MPHS acquaintance

I liked Jamie from the first day we met. He was a straight shooter. I'll never forget the day he drove up to Deb's house in Wild Rose in a van. He opened the door and two of the biggest dogs I had ever seen (his Bouvier des Flandres)came lumbering out! Perfect companions for Jamie, they had a heart and personality just like his - huge! He will be missed by many. Thinking of all of you - love, Jo

Posted by: Joanne (Rosin) Waller - Rutherfordton, NC - friend of the Family


I remember the first time I saw you run around the bases in Little League. I had never seen anyone run bases that fast in person. My mouth just dropped open.
Little League and Pony League, that is how I will remember you. And the help and kindness you showed me as a little younger player. In those days a year or two is a big age difference.
I'm sure you will be welcomed into Heaven as fast as you ran. Like lightning.
Posted by: Urban C Faber II - Myrtle Beach, SC - Friend

Jay. I love you and I will miss you so much. You certainly kept everyone entertained. I hope Heaven is ready for you. We will all meet again... LUV You and will Miss You.........your "Favorite" Sister....Deb
Posted by: Deborah Carpenter - Blue Island, IL - Sister


We will Miss Jim. He was a fun loving guy, and Im sure he will keep everyone in line in Heaven.
Posted by: Karen Ketterman - clermont, FL - Childhood Friend

Walter Bruce Mason MPHS Jan 66

Bruce was a fine man who died far too young. He graduated from Morgan Park High School in January 1966, where he was active in ROTC and the Chess Club.

August 25, 2007

WILLIAMSBURG — Walter Bruce Mason ("Bruce"), passed away on May 17, 2007, at Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center, Williamsburg, Va.

Bruce had been a resident of Williamsburg for 10 years and was formerly of Chicago, Ill. He was the beloved husband of Dr. Marguerite Mary Thomas ("Margie") Mason of Williamsburg, Va., loving son of Walter Marshall Mason and Ardell Law Mason of Chicago, Ill., and dear brother of Bonnie (Cloud) Downey of Crystal Lake, Ill. He is also survived by one niece, two nephews, and hundreds of students and young people he taught and mentored over three decades in Illinois and Virginia.

An educator at The College of William and Mary, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Knox College, Galesburg, Ill., in 1970, his Master of Arts degree in Sociology and Special Education at Western Illinois University in 1976, and completed advanced coursework in education at the University of Iowa.