Aug 24, 2010

David Noren Memorial Service August 28

Hi everybody,

I have information regarding the Memorial 
Service to be given in celebration of 
Dave Noren's life.

Date and time: Saturday, August 28, 2010 
at 11:00 AM

Place: Trinity Evangelical Covenant Church
9230 South Pulaski
Oak Lawn, IL 60453

The Reverend James Sandburg, officiating

For those of you who attended the 2003 
and 2007 EMPEHI Reunions, this church
is the location where we had our Sunday 
church service, at which Dave delivered 
the sermon and where the 
"Worst of Hurst Singers" performed 
Thompson's Alleluia.

Hope to see as many of you that can 
make it, as we pay respect and say 
good-bye to our good friend and 
re-live some of those 
magical Dave Noren moments.

Dennis Carlson, class of ' 67

Aug 23, 2010

David Noren

David Noren Passed Away Suddenly. He was a fine man, and will be missed. 

Karen Holck Ketterman is in the photo with David, Our dear friend

We will post info regarding services as it becomes available. You will be missed, Dave! Rest in Peace.

Julie Marschand

I am sorry to have to convey this message to you all, but our friend and fellow EMPEHI-ite, Dave Noren, has passed away, suddenly sometime today. Oh my goodness, what a shocker!! There aren't any details as yet. I'll pass along any news and updates when I receive them.

I wish there was more information that I could provide, other than I am sure going to miss him; his sense of humor, his wit, his cleverness, his astuteness when it came to politics & history, his smile and laughter; our "bad movie nights" and yes, our Beggar's Pizza gatherings; and so much, much
more. You know, I never heard him once complain about his battling MS; oh, he would say he had this to do and that to do, but always in a positive manner. He never looked back, but always what tomorrows would bring. He was just a tremendous person filled with so much energy and life. We sure had a lot of great times together and on this past Friday, we were just talking about when the next "movie night and Beggar's get-together" should be.

Rest in peace old friend and I know you are in a better place, but the loss of your physical presence sure does hurt.

Dennis Carlson, class of ' 67.


Beautifully put, Dennis, and I concur. Dave was a very special man and we are all richer for having known him. In fact, we are all here together on the Yahoo Empehi list because we knew him, and because he recognized the
importance of our classmates continuing to interact as we aged. He was a moderator of this list since it was begun on February 9, 2002.


Taffy Cannon, June '66

David Noren has passed today. We will always remember how brave he was. and most of all his wit. He was a true friend. and all of us from Morgan Park will greatly miss him. I’m sure all of us have great memories of Dave.

Karen Holck Ketterman

More on David at:

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Thank you,

RC Antonides Morgan Park Foundation

RC Antonides Morgan Park Foundation
"Supporting Morgan Park High School's Academic, Activities, Arts, Athletic and Auditorium Programs"

Dear Friends of Morgan Park High School,

With school back in session and the summer winding down, fundraising for renovation Blackwelder Hall is back in full swing again.  We're excited about reaching out to as many alumni and supporters of Morgan Park High School as we can, in order to raise interest and participation in this worthy project. 

You'll find pictures of the old chairs and the new replacement chairs in the first attachment and a donation form in the second attachment.

This renovation project can be accomplished quickly and fully, with everyone's help.  We've received heart-warming reactions of gratitude from students and their families, faculty, administrators and other supporters of Morgan Park High School.  They are amazed and thankful that we have taken on the renovation of Blackwelder Hall, a place we hold dear in our memories.

Please take a look at the pictures, then please print the donation form and take a moment right now to give back to Morgan Park High School.  Your donation, large or small, will be tremendously appreciated.  We'd be happy if you'd pass this email along to any and all who may be interested in lending their support, too.

Thank you!

Barbara Carlson Spencer, Class of 1962
RCAMPF VP; Treasurer

2 attachments — Download all attachments  
New Auditorium Chairs.docxNew Auditorium Chairs.docx
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Chair Donation Form.docxChair Donation Form.docx
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Aug 20, 2010

MPHS Alums Discuss Social Security - Age 62 versus 66

MPHS Grads Discuss Social Security

We have been discussing the relative merits of taking Social Security at age 62 versus 66 on our Yahoo Empehi Group page.  Hard to believe that we are that old. And thanks for reminding us.

The web site below discusses the issue in some detail. In general, if you will keep working after 62, you should not take social security until age 66. If you retire at 62, you should probably take it. You don't lose by not taking it early because it goes up about 8% a year for each year you delay taking it, all the way to 70.  But each situation is different, so take a good look at your own needs.

Guess Who the Morgan Park Alums in the Photo Above Are?

Two points if you guess correctly
Guess before looking below for the right answer

Will Hepburn, Don Martensen, and Ken Zalga MPHS 1967+-

Just Kidding

Woke up feeling pretty good today
and then someone sent this photo of…

Eddie Haskell, The Beaver and Wally!

Good Scoop about MPHS High

MPHS Networking

MPHS Alums Keeping in Touch  As of August 17, 2010 

256 members of our Yahoo Empehi Page 

60 members of our Yahoo MPHS Page 

37 members of the Facebook Morgan Park High School Alumni '65-'67 

18 people like our Facebook Morgan Park High School Alumni 1965-1967 

114 people (rough estimate) have viewed our blog. 

Instructions on how to join any of these groups on the blog.

Calling all MPHS Vets

Morgan Park High School in Chicago is assembling a list of MPHS Veterans from the Vietnam era as was done for WWI, WWII, and Korea. They will place the names outside of the Principal's Office.   They have asked us to help assemble names. 

Please send me the year you graduated or attended MPHS, your branch and dates of service, and whether you served in Vietnam.  A short description of your experiences would be nice, and pictures are worth a 1,000 words. 

Since there are now lots of folks falsely claiming to be Vets (Nice to be fashionable - who would have believed this in 1970?) perhaps you should send me something official proving your service. Preferably send a scan by email, but you can also send it snail mail to 423 High Street, Peoria, IL 61606. 

I encourage you to write a long version of your experience with photos and publish it on line. And please send that to me for inclusion in the book / blog that Jim Seamon and I are developing about the experiences of all of us during the 60's - Veteran or not.  

You can post on facebook or email it to me at: 

Everything is posted to Our Blog 

I will place the names and stories / photo on this blog, and provide the information to MPHS. 

Our Blog / Book about our collective experiences in the 1960's and after


Aug 16, 2010

Morgan Park to Start Classes a Month Earlier Then Usual

Morgan Park High School will begin "year-round" classes, starting school a month earlier then usual.

Sounds like we got out of there just in time. 

Read about it on the link below:

Aug 4, 2010

Message at the request of Lois Lemon MPHS 1962

I posted this message at the request of Lois Rodakovitz Lemon MPHS 1962

On Wed, Aug 4, 2010   wrote:

Hi Craig, Kay, Carol, Dave, Susan,

My name is Lois Radakovitz Lemon, and I am a '62 graduate of Empehi.  I am part of our reunion committee and am working on a networking project to get contact people from all of the Morgan Park Graduating classes so that we can use an email chain so to speak to spread the word about the Black Welder Hall Renovation Project.

Our class spear headed the project after visiting the school. We have joined with the R C Antonides Foundation to funnel the money safely and legally.

The foundation's origin is 1950's football players and alum who wanted to give back in memory of a coach who formed their lives.

As the fall semester begins we are continuing our campaign to raise money to replace the 790 seats /$155,000. A mailing /email campaign is about to go out and I was wondering if you Craig, would be the contact person for the 65-67 group and post the information on your site.

I am also looking for the person/people who maintain your class lists and have an active email list. I would like to send you the emails from the renovation committee and ask you to send them to your class lists. I believe this is the most efficient way of personally reaching as many Empehi Alum as possible. With many hands we can get the project done easily. Please join this effort and give back to Empehi. Hank Gentry, class of '66 is part of the Foundation and Renovation Committee.

Are you the people I need to talk to?

I look forward to hearing from you,

"Lois Lemon '62"

Kay F Ward ,,,

Jim Nesci PMHS Jan 66

Check out own Jim Nesci PMHS Jan 66

‎10th Annual "Dinner with a Dinosaur" on March 12th with Dr. Paul Sereno, world famous, Chicago Paleontologist, recently seen on National Geographics, "When Crocs Ate Dinos".

Aug 3, 2010

Join Facebook - Talk to your High School Friends

We have a new MPHS Fan Page on Facebook named: 

Morgan Park High School Alumni 1965-1967 

To get to this page, log into Facebook and type the name in the search box, in the top center.  

You can read the messages posted and write one if you wish. 

If you have not yet joined Facebook, you can do so by going to:  

Sign up.  It takes a while to get the hang of it, as when you first learned e-mail or word processing. 

I would describe Facebook as E-mails with photos. 

It is also a social networking site.  

You can write to individuals, post messages on your own page, or post messages on other pages. 

You can post your own photos or look at photos placed by your friends. 

When you click on the page:  

Morgan Park High School Alumni 1965-1967, you will see  "like" at the top of the page.  

When you click on "like", you become a member.  

You will then receive posts sent to your personal home page (news feed) on Facebook.  

The link below is a set of instructions for Facebook. 

Of course, I never try to read the instructions.  

I prefer the Million Monkey Method, which is developed from the concept that if a million monkeys worked on something long enough, they would actually succeed.  

Or if one person does something over and over, it might eventually work.