Jan 25, 2012

School Song

Empehi, Empehi we are loyal.

Empehi, Empehi we are true. 

We will fight for your colors flying, 

for the green and the white and for you...rah rah

as our team marches into the battle, 

we will fight for your victory and fame

Empehi, Empehi--- we are ever FAITHFUL 

and proud of your glorious name.

la la la la la...la la la la la.....la la la la la la....

Do we have the correct lyrics?

Rip em up, tear em down, Rip em up, tear em down

Tony Visser's Mustang.  A Horse of a Different Color

Jan 21, 2012

Sutherland Photos

Photos From Scott Brissey

Here are the photographs of the classes at Elizabeth B. Sutherland Grammar school.
This is the list of names of the Graduate Class from the copy printed in the Beverly Review:

Front row,left-right: Barb Schultz, Kathleen O'Brien, Janice Bonaguro, Susan Long, Jill Durham, April Lais, and Jane Mulder.

Second row: Scott Brissey, Cynthia Stark, Robert Hoffman, Lynn Carlson, Terry

Lason, Janet Zinsmiester, Dave Innes,, and Joan VanDahm.

3rd row: Wayne Fern, Corliss Briggs, Lawrence Reynolds, John Pihl, John Harshnek, Dick Smith, Steve Staphanos, Pat Ruhling, and Roy Spalding.
This is a partial list for the 7A-7B class:

Front row: Terry Lason, Al Engelberg, Bob Hoffman, Dave Innes, Scott Brissey.

Second row: Jill Durham, Kathleen O'Brien, Janice Bonogruro, Sue Long, April Lais, Joan Van Dahm, Pam Wells, Barb Schultz.

Third row: Steve Staphos, ?, -- Goldburg, Larry Reynolds, John Pihl, Dick Smith,,

Wayne Fern, Roy Spaulding Dave Finkel, Cynthia Stark, Margot Nelson.
Fourth row:Jay Schalson (?), Bob Gibson, Bob Harschnek, Kimberly Young, Corliss Briggs, Pat Ruhling, Lynn Carlson, Jayne Mulder, Jan Zinsmiester.

These photos show why I have been reluctant to go to Reunions. Today, any good school counselor would take one look at me and think: "RITALIN",

And they would be right.

The Clissord Class photo may not have anyone from our class because I was held back in 4th grade.


Scott Brissey

Sutherland 1960 submitted by Scott Brissey.

Jan 18, 2012

MPHS Car and Driving Stories

Most of us have a fondness (or hatred) for our first car and/or our first driving experience. It represented freedom and adulthood.

We have been sharing driving and car stories from our MPHS years on our Yahoo page. Some of the stories are summarized below.  If you have some stories or photos you would like to share, please email them to us and we will post.


Tony Visser's Mighty Mighty Mustang

My first car was a 1966 Mustang and is 
parked in my garage. Runs like a champ.

I think there's a team with that name at Morgan Park H.S.

Tony Visser      Sutherland 63

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Lucky, Blessed, Fortunate and sooooo much fun for you....

Definitely cool. Then and now.

Ron Veenstra

Thanks Ron.  I've can't tell you how much fun it is to romp around with in good weather.  There have been some performance upgrades, headers, 5 speed Tremec T5, 330 hp, the list is long.  My son will get it someday, just to keep it in the family.



Renee Toppen, Don Martensen and Allen Carlson MPHS Jan 66

 Dueling Volkswagen Prepare for a Drag Race

Dave Innes MPHS Jan 66  - James Bond Studebaker Hawk

Whizzer Motorbike - Classic Mt Greenwood Chopper - Photo from Bob Glines MPHS Jan 66. Bob, Pete Terry, Don Martensen, George Traister, Tom Schildhouse and Craig Hullinger terrorized the neighborhood with these awsome machines.


My Norton Commando Interstate approx 1975 ish, with dunstall pipes,very fast for1975

Bob Glines

Craig Hullinger MPHS Jan 66 - My first car was a 1930 Model A Ford convertible with a rumble seat that I owned in high school.  I bought it in Draper, South Dakota in 1965 where it had been rusting for many years. The body remained in a very rough state - we painted over the rust and welded fenders. 

The top leaked, there was no interior, and you could see the ground 
through the floorboards. But she was my first car and I loved her. 

More on my Model A at 


No photos of the cars, and I burned the negatives.

My first night out after getting my drivers license, I slid on the ice and planted my dad's Pontiac into the light pole in front of Alan Engelberg's house at 100th and Hamilton. It
was still crooked until about 10 years ago. I asked for it having fun on the ice.

Two weeks later we got the car back and I drove to a party at Jack Wiesands. While craning my neck to see who was on the porch as we drove up, I planted the Pontiac into the back of Tom Breen's '58 T-Bird. The
T-Bird didn't have a scratch but the Pontiac was totaled. We pushed it about two blocks down an alley up against a telephone pole and Jim Ohse reached under the dash and pulled out a big handful of wires. I caught a ride to another party at Kathie Kirk's house and called the car in stolen.

Got away with it but sweated bullets for weeks.

A week or so later I promptly drove my brother's MG-A into the back of a Cadillac while trying to fish his sun glasses off the floor after they slid off the dash board.

In the public interest I didn't drive for a while after that. I could'a been the poster boy for why teenagers shouldn't be allowed to drive.

Please don't tell my son, OK?

Willy Horton (Name withheld to protect the guilty)


Ummm Will, if your dad is no longer on this planet and wasn't aware of this when he was on Earth....he certainly knows about it now if he's on the Other Side. 

And you will most likely be getting a lickin with his halo when the two of you meet up in the distant future. Just a warning.

Sue Engle B


Just one question, Will:  has your driving improved any over the years?


Yeah, I learned slowly, but well, and have had no accidents since high school that were my fault. (Got T-boned by a red light runner about 5 years ago, but that was not my fault) Oh yeah. I had a speeding ticket
about 20 years ago, too.



First Car...my Dad's car....

Hey ....Tony...

My first car that I drove was my Dad's Oldsmolbile...with the llllong...fins...what year was that???? The reason I could drive his car, ..was that my Dad was a painter and had a truck to haul his painting ladders and gear so I got to have his car for school.

I don't know...all i know was that I was able to drive it to school every day, when I was a Jr.at EMPEHI !!!

I had A LOT of friends....well, no one else had "wheels" so , I got to drive a bunch of us girls up to REDS at lunch time....can u imagine TODAY if they let the 3,600 kids here in the H S out for lunch!!!

Geez...Lou - ise!!!

One time at MPEHI I parked on the West side of the school...where all those houses were STILL there to the West of us parkin' on the EAST.....OF THE WEST side of the school!!! follow me??

ANYHOW....when I was leavin' the school I parked SOOO good in between the car in front of me and in back of me... I proceeded to pppull out of the parking
space...APPARENTLY...I didn't back up far ENOUGH and when I pulled out I turned the wheel back to the right 2 soon and KINDA SIDE-SWIhe car in front of me!!!... Well...don't forget I was drivin' a BOAT...for gosh sakes!!! WELL, scared the _______ out of me...cause I thought I damaged my DAD's dog-gone car and how
to ESPLAIN...that to him when he saw the dented in car....

WELL, I got out of the car by the HS to look at my damage...BUTT.... the other car got the damage cause there was the trim going across the side of my car and the other car got the dent goin' all the way across it's body....

What to do???? leave and forget....am sorry...to whoever's car that was.... I was scared... :-(

SO...that's my story...and am stickin' to it...I was stuck to the other car until I pulled out...uuup, up and away...

Oh well,

Then I bought a used 67 chevy in 69. I loved it...black vinyll top and white bodice...(girl terms)

When I think of NO SEATBELTS back in the day...I get a nervous feelin'....geez...how unsafe we were and didn't even realize it!!

MEMORIES...pressed between the pages of my mind.....(bad and good)

p,s, NEVER told my Dad...

P.S. The only thing I didn't like was the back seat of the 66' Mustang...there's wasn't alot of room for the 3rd and 4th person...

AND...it was a darn tight space to make-out in too....


I did take a picture of my chevy at 106th place. I wouldn't of gotten away with crackin' up my Dad's olds. I WAS fortunate that the crease was on the "other guys" car instead of my Dad's car!!!!

(maybe that was Will's car that I creased!!...

OH well, if it WAS...he probably ... never got in trouble for it...so

am OK after all these years of feelin' bad about it...thanks...Will...

P.S.Joan.... Then your car looked like a Granny Smith??? You SHOULD have it back...Granny!!! 



Hey Linlou- That was my car you hit!

You owe me $300.

Charles Van Liere 


My first car was a candy apple green, 1967 Ford Mustang Sprint. Needless to say, I LOVED THAT CAR.  If I dig, I still have a picture of it parked in front of our house on Central Park Ave. in Mt. Greenwood. I was working for the C&NW R.R. at the time (I turned 21 when I worked there), and one of the guys (I worked for the R.R. cops) co-signed the loan I got at the Proviso (yard) credit union, because I had no prior credit, and my father would not co-sign for me. God bless you, Mel Knox!Sure wish I still had that car. It was so sweet!

Joan Pettavino '66

P.S. Sorry my story is so boring compared to Will's, but obviously my parents paid much more attention to what I was doing than Will's did to him. I would NEVER have gotten away with the crap he wrote about. And don't worry, Will, I will not tell your son!  LOL

We spend precious hours fearing the inevitable. It would be wise to use that time adoring our families, cherishing our friends and living our lives! Maya Angelou


My first car was a Valiant. It was cheap and had a manual trans, conversion on the floor and my Dad insisted on a manual trans 'cuz he was a mechanic and felt automatics were expensive to fix and unreliable and he could fix anything on a stick shifter. It had torn seats and a hole in the trunk that splashed water up into the compartment on wet pavement, but it ran, and ran, and ran, and ran (you get the ideas).

It took me long time to get my license 'cuz of my motorcycle accident. Financial responsibility insurance was astronomical.

I bought my first new car, an Olds Cutlass with T-tops a few years later.  In between, I had Ford station wagon that was set up in the back to transport my dog. I was training dogs at the time and it seemed like a good fit.

Tom Schildhouse


Chuck and Eileen Kuenneth and Larry Habschmidt Jan 66 

                                           Chuck Kuenneth, Larry H. & Chuck's wife Eileen
                               Chuck, Larry & Dave Innes
                                                Dave's heap ~ A '55 DeSoto Fireflite



The Difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.

Pete Terry's Jan 66 New Toy

Ken Zalga 65 and Grandaughter and Harley

Songs, Lyrics, Video

Just click on the singer and up will pop a list of songs ... including lyrics.
Something here for everyone!!

Some of the videos are unique, many from years ago and may not have been seen before—pretty interesting hearing Roy Orbison sing Unchained Melody…Enjoy!


1) Elvis Presley 
2) Roy Orbison 
3) Beatles 
4) Abba 
5) Bee Gees 
6) Michael Jackson 
7) John Lennon 
8) Celine Dion 
9) Frank Sinatra 
10) Creedence Clearwater Revival 
11) Julio Iglesias 
12) Queen 
13) Neil Diamond 
14) Paul Mccartney 
15) Rolling Stones 
16) Pink Floyd 
17) Bruce Springsteen 
18) Elton John 
19) U2 
20) George Harrison 
21) Cliff Richard 
22) Tina Turner 
23) Bob Marley 
24) Andrea Bocelli 
25) Dire Straits 
26) Barbra Streisand 
27) Eagles 
28) Madonna 
29) Simon & Garfunkel 
30) Ac/Dc 
31) Bob Dylan 
32) Dean Martin 
33) Andr? Hazes 
34) Tom Jones 
35) Eric Clapton 
36) John Denver 
37) Eros Ramazzotti 
38) Deep Purple 
39) Led Zeppelin 
40) Rod Stewart 
41) Status Quo 
42) Louis Armstrong 
43) Fleetwood Mac 
44) Bryan Adams 
45) Jimi Hendrix 
46) Barry White 
47) Nat King Cole 
48) Santana 
49) Michael Buble 
50) Gipsy Kings
51) David Bowie 
52) Adriano Celentano 
53) Robbie Williams 
54) Charles Aznavour 
55) Metallica 
56) Doors 
57) Shakira 
58) Beach Boys 
59) Cat Stevens 
60) Bon Jovi 
61) Ub40 
62) Joe Cocker 
63) Whitney Houston 
64) Phil Collins 
65) Enrique Iglesias 
66) Ricky Martin 
67) Ray Charles 
68) K3 
69) Zz Top 
70) Van Morrison 
71) Ringo Starr 
72) Stevie Wonder 
73) Gloria Estefan 
74) Supertramp 
75) Jethro Tull 
76) Black Sabbath 
77) Marco Borsato 
78) Guns N? Roses 
79) Neil Young 
80) Chuck Berry 
81) Billy Joel 
82) Sting 
83) Kinks 
84) R.e.m. 
85) Laura Pausini 
86) Genesis 
87) Who 
88) Monkees 
89) Animals 
90) Simple Minds 
91) Prince 
92) Aretha Franklin 
93) B.b. King 
94) Iron Maiden 
95) Pearl Jam 
96) Christina Aguilera 
97) Alice Cooper 
98) Depeche Mode 
99) Nirvana 
100) Gary Moore

Top 70 songs

1) Always On My Mind - Elvis Presley
2) Fernando - Abba
3) Dancing Queen - Abba
4) Oh Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison
5) Spanish Eyes - Elvis Presley
6) Are You Lonesome Tonight? - Elvis Presley
7) Chiquitita - Abba
8) Massachusetts - Bee Gees
9) Love Me Tender - Elvis Presley
10) Imagine - John Len non
11) Suspicious Minds - Elvis Presley
12) California Blue - Roy Orbison
13) My Way - Elvis Presley
14) Billie Jean - Michael Jackson
15) In Dreams - Roy Orbison
16) Blue
 - Roy Orbison

17) Only The Lonely - Roy Orbison
18) I Have A Dream - Abba
19) Yesterday - Beatles
20) Mamma Mia - Abba
21) Thriller - Michael Jackson
22) Amazing Grace - Elvis Presley
23) Unchained Melody - Roy Orbison
24) Can?t Help Falling In Love - Elvis
25) Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley
26) Ave Maria - Celine Dion
27) And I Love You So - Elvis Presley
28) Blue Moon - Elvis Presley
29) Hey Jude - Beatles
30) I Started A Joke - Bee Gees
31) My Way - Frank Sinatra
32) Hotel
 - Eagles

33) A Big Hunk O? Love - Elvis Presley
34) Bridge Over Troubled Water  Elvis Presley
35) The Winner Takes It All - Abba
36) Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival
37) Ben - Michael Jackson
38) Waterloo - Abba
39) Stayin? Alive - Bee Gees
40) Words - Bee
41) How Deep Is Your Love - Bee Gees
42) Crying - Roy Orbison
43) Blue Suede Shoes - Elvis Presley
44) Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley
45) Beat It - Michael Jackson
46) A Day In The Life - Beatles
47) Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
48) Let It
 - Beatles

49) Only You - Roy Orbison
50) Sweet Caroline - Roy Orbison
51) A Hard
Day?s Night
 - Beatles

52) Bad - Michael Jackson
53) Earth Song - Michael Jackson
54) Woman - John Len non
55) Imagine (live) - John Len non
56) Heal The World - Michael Jackson
57) Stand By Me - John Len non
58) Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond
59) O Sole Mio - Andrea Bocelli
60) Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel
61) Man In The Mirror - Michael Jackson
62) Strangers In The Night - Frank Sinatra
63) Black Or White - Michael Jackson
64) Only You - John Len non
65) My Sweet Lord - George Harrison
66) What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
67) 24 Horas - Julio Iglesias
68) Everybody Loves Somebody - Dean Martin
69) I Just Can?t Stop Lovin You - Michael Jackson
70) Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson

TOP singers


Red Hot Chili Peppers
Beastie Boys
Faith No More
Smashing Pumpkins
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Alice in

Guns N' Roses 
10,000 Maniacs
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Jeff Buckley
...and more