Jan 17, 2014

Aircraft Carrier Crashes

We have been talking about flying and women flying in the military on our MPHS Forum Yahoo Group. Fox news just hired a young woman Navy F-18 fighter pilot. You can join us if you wish by clicking 


Flying aircraft is dangerous and landing on carriers is very dangerous.  In the officers club at Pensacola where the Navy and Marine pilots are trained they have continuous running video of air crashes - old ones and new ones.  A little depressing watching it, but I suppose the intent is encourage the the pilots to be careful and not drink too much.

Fighter pilots are interesting guys. They have a very dangerous job, but they don't work many hours in a day. So they let off steam in their off hours, which meant pretty wild and crazy evenings at the officers clubs in Vietnam.  The Gunfighters Club in Danang had a series of signs in the rafters commemorating that Major So and So did swing from his heels on the hallowed spot. And I remember one drunken evening where they got everyone in the club to take their shirts off and dance a conga line dance. They were unsuccessful in their efforts to get the Vietnamese women to join in the fun.

And even peace time flying is dangerous.  I saw two crashes that killed four pilots and was in the area when two more planes went in killing their pilots. And of course much worse in Vietnam.

Navy and Marine pilots have a humorous event called "carrier quals". To get qualified to land your jet plane on a moving and bouncing aircraft carrier is very difficult. They celebrate after their first carrier quals. A "carrier Qual" now means getting most participants feeling no pain, then pouring beer on the bar, then individual pilot get on the bar, run and then flop down on their stomachs and chests, hoping for a smooth landing where they slide down the bar, and then catch their tail hook (toes) to stop on the bar before the end of the runway (bar).

It is a bit different now with so many women in the service. The training squadrons at Pensacola have a number of women going through pilot training. The young men and women in their flight suits in the bar after a day of flying and training.

And the military has reduced drinking - a DUI gets you automatically thrown out of the service. So few people drink at the clubs anymore.

The improvement in electronic systems means that combat flying is not so dangerous. The pilot used to have to dive bomb a target to get close- exposing themselves to ground fire.  Now they can stay far above the battlefield and hit the target with relatively little danger. But it is still a dangerous business. 

The videos below shows aircraft carrier crashes.

  1. Hit The Deck: Aircraft Carrier Crashes - YouTube


    Apr 21, 2007 - Uploaded by militaryvideocom
    Like This Movie Trailer? Go to http://www.militaryvideo.com/ to purchase the entire video, or to see movie trailers ...

  2. F-0447 Video: Aircraft Carrier Accidents - YouTube


    May 12, 2011 - Uploaded by sdasmarchives
    Footage of carrier mishaps from the 1960s. F-4s, A-4s, F-8s ...Military Aircraft Crashes Compilation Part #4by NewCrashTV69,454 views · 4:52

  3. Plane Crashes on Aircraft Carriers - YouTube


    Oct 19, 2010 - Uploaded by USSships
    This video contains one hour of the most dramatic carrier landing accidents ever recorded. Film footage from ...

  4. F18 Hornet Accident while landing on aircraft carrier - YouTube


    Apr 10, 2010 - Uploaded by ChemistryLab1
    F18 Hornet Accident while landing on aircraft carrier... Military Aircraft Crashes Compilation Part #2by NewCrashTV1,094,485 views; 7:16
  5. Images for aircraft carrier crashes

     - Report images

  6. Carrier Landing Mishaps : U.S. Navy : Free Download & Streaming ...

    archive.org › ... › Community Video › PeriscopeFilm

    Sep 11, 2012
    Landing a plane on the deck of aircraft carrier is one of the most dangerous and ... Many crashes in this film were captured by the Pilot Landing Aid Television  ...

  7. List of accidents and incidents involving military aircraft (2000 ...


    1 H/171st AVN, based at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, crashes during heavy ...Aircraft was launching from the carrier when the nose gear disintegrated  ...

  8. US Navy Aircraft Accidents | Military.com

    www.military.com › Video Center › Forces › Navy

    Compilation of US Navy aircraft accidents, from bi-planes to jets. ... Very Unfortunate Plane Crashes. 4 | Posted Jul 23, 2010 ... Top 6 Aircraft Carrier Fails.

  9. Plane Crashes After Carrier Launch | Military.com

    www.military.com › ... › Crash Landings

    Feb 26, 2011
    This plane launches off the carrier, something seems the drop from it, and it plunges into the water as the pilot ...

  10. LiveLeak.com - US Aircraft carrier crash landings 1944


    Mar 26, 2013
    attached to the wings of the planes back from the mission. The rockets were often "launched" over the carrier's bridge during thecrashes. Some

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