Jun 26, 2022

Unusual collection of pictures


 This is called cross sea. A cross sea is a sea state with two wave systems traveling at oblique angles. 



This is what an eight-ton Orca jumping 20 feet out of the water looks 




This is what a bubble looks like mid-pop. 



This is what Wiltshire, England looks like.



This is what the Seattle skyline looks like. 



This is what a sunset looks like from above the clouds. 



This is a volcano in Ethiopia that burns bright blue. 



This is what lions look like in the rain. 



This is what a tree farm looks like. 



This is what a huge rhododendron tree looks like.



This is how massive Tokyo is, the world's most densely populated city. 



This is a process called guttation. The plant is expelling water due to a positive root pressure.



This is what a Russian Red Fox looks like.



This is what the clovers that cover the floor of the California Redwood Forest look like.



This is what Jupiter looks like from the bottom. 



This is what a castle on an island in Ireland looks like.



This is what Venice looks like from above. 



This is what the Dark Hedges of Northern Ireland look like.



This is what the pyramids look like from Cairo street.



This is what the border of the United States and Canada looks like. 



This is what an Osiria Rose looks like.



This is what the turquoise ice formations on Lake Baikal, Russia look like.



This is how Mt. Fuji cuts through the clouds.



This is what a snail drinking from a bubble looks like.



This is what Ice Canyon, Greenland looks like.



This is what sunset looks like from space. 



This is what an illegally-taken picture from one of the Great Giza Pyramids looks like.



This is what the Apollo Metalmark Butterfly looks like. 



This is what the sun looks like when shot in Ultraviolet.



This is what an oasis in Libya looks like.



This is what a collection of blue butterflies look like.



This is what an Icelandic ice cave lit up by a burning flare looks like.



This is what a Lenticular cloud over Mount Fuji looks like.



This is what it looks like underneath a breaking wave. 



This is how you tow an iceberg. In Newfoundland, icebergs are harvested for their water.



Jun 14, 2022

The World is Getting Squirrely


I never thought orthopedic shoes would really work for me.
But I stand corrected.

Once upon a time there was a king who was only 12 inches tall.
He was a terrible king but he made a great ruler.

A Mexican magician said he will disappear on the count of 3.
He says: "Uno, dos..." Poof.
He disappeared without a tres.

I wrote a book on how to fall down the stairs.
It's a step by step guide.

My son was chewing on electric cords, so I had to ground him.
It's OK, though. He's doing better and conducting himself properly.

My friend claims that he "accidently" glued himself to his autobiography,
but I don't believe him.
But that's his story and he's sticking to it.

"Doctor, my child swallowed a roll of film. What should I do?"
"Let's wait and see if anything develops."

An armed man ran into a real estate agency and shouted:
"Nobody move."

Got drunk yesterday and threw up in the elevator on my way back home.
It was disgusting on so many levels.

Why did the Mexican take anti-anxiety medication?
For Hispanic attacks.

I asked the surgeon if I could administer my own anesthetic.
He said: "Sure. Knock yourself out!"

I got into a fight today with 1,3,5,7 and 9.
The odds were really against me.

In Britain it's called a lift but Americans call it an elevator.
I guess we were just raised differently

97% of people are stupid
Glad I'm in the other 5%

The Lord said to John, "Come forth and ye shall receive eternal life"
But John came fifth and got a toaster instead

I have 2 unwritten rules.

Thanks to MPHS Graduates Marie Buti and PJS for contributing.

Jun 11, 2022

See You


Thanks to Marie Buti MPHS 67 for sharing.

After A While, Crocodile

Crocodile in South Africa 2016

See you soon, you Big Baboon

South Africa 2016

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