Sep 3, 2023

Jimmy Buffet Rest in Peace

 Any other Jimmy Buffett fans among us?

For a guy who started  his adult life by flunking out of a college in Alabama, he had an  amazing and varied life; singer/songwriter, best selling author, entrepreneur and founder of a tropical themed empire of restaurants, hotels and casinos, clothing, even a  Margaritaville themed retirement community.

Jimmy Buffet is dead and I feel like a part of my young adulthood is gone. There are no more Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The pirate won’t see 80. The people our parents warned us about are now at or past retirement age.

And to think, his death occurred just ahead of the Labor Day Weekend Show. Hushpuppies or not.

We mourn celebrities when they die as if we knew them and they were part of our family. They aren’t, of course, but Jimmy Buffett in particular seemed to feel like that fun uncle who showed up and whisked us off to a different, more exciting place. Maybe it was Pascagoula. Who knows?

The truth is we did little more than dress up in fun colorful shirts and wear beads and feathers while we sat in a concert hall or amphitheater and listened to Jimmy transport us to a different place full of soothing waves, sandy shores and boat drinks.

None of us actually were regularly soaking up the sun on a tropical island or were being shot at while flying over Jamaica after being mistaken for a drug smuggler. We were parents, workers, 9-to-5ers and beyond with a lot more on our minds than what Jimmy Buffett was singing about on stage.

But for those times, whether in person, at home or singing along in our car, we were part of that world. His world. It was escapism and it was wonderful.

To quote Jimmy:

“I want to be there

Want to go back down and lie beside the sea there

With a tin cup for a chalice, fill it up with good red wine

And I’m a chewin’ on a honeysuckle vine.”

And now, Jimmy Buffett is dead and I don’t feel so good myself. But I am grateful for the experience.

Bill Kamenjarin


Hey Bill,

We attended my brother in law’s funeral yesterday.
Sad day.
Jimmy Buffett adds to the sadness.
As the son of a son of a sailer ( my Dad’s Dad) I particularly identify with that song over others.
I did soak up the sun and fly around Jamaica and the Caribbean being mistaken for a drug smuggler while working for Uncle Sam before they became wacky in DC.
I knew one of his pilots and he thought he was a great guy so adds to we have lost a class act who does reenforce that we need to appreciate every day we wake up and have another day.

Ray Justinic 


It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere
Song by Jimmy Buffett

Join us in a toast to Jimmy Buffett. One of the good guys.

Jul 10, 2023

Morgan Park High School, located at the intersection of 111th street & Vincennes Avenue (11100 South and 1700 West) and affectionately known as Empehi, is a Chicago public high school that opened its doors on its present site in 1916. With an expanding student population, an addition was built in 1925, providing the school with a gymnasium, auditorium and swimming pool. Expansion continued with the completion of a major addition in 1965.

In 1983 the campus was greatly enlarged and improved with the addition of tennis courts, a football field, running track, baseball field, soccer field, outdoor basketball courts, student driving range and faculty parking. From its beginning, the Morgan Park High School student body has been multi-racial and multi-cultural. Empehi's long history of racial, economic and religious integration has offered an outstanding environment for the education of its students. 

Beginning with 283 pupils in 1916, the school grew over the years to more than 3,300 in 1975, when overcrowding, even with the use of branch facilities for freshman, finally resulted in a court-ordered enrollment plan designed to reduce the student population while preserving an integrated student body. 


Morgan Park High School/Number of students
1,071   2020–2021

Jul 9, 2023

Dick Biondi Video - WLS


Dick Biondi, Chicago’s definitive voice of Top 40 radio, dies at 90


Dick Biondi, Chicago’s definitive voice of Top 40 radio, dies at 90

Influential in advancing the careers of Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and Jerry Lee Lewis, among many others, Biondi was the first disc jockey to play the Beatles on American radio

I asked the Bard, the Artificial Intelligence Program by Google, to write an Article about Dick Biondi. Here it is

Dear Bard,, Please write an article about Dick Biondi.


Sure, here is an article about Dick Biondi:

Dick Biondi, the Wild I-tralian, Dies at 90

Dick Biondi, the larger-than-life disc jockey known as the Wild I-tralian, died on June 26, 2023, at the age of 90. Biondi was a pioneer of Top 40 radio, and his flamboyant personality and on-air antics made him one of the most popular DJs in the country.

Biondi was born in Endicott, New York, in 1932. He began his radio career in the early 1950s, and quickly earned a reputation for his wild and unpredictable style. He was known for his screaming delivery, his outlandish costumes, and his penchant for practical jokes.

In 1960, Biondi moved to Chicago to work at WLS, one of the most powerful radio stations in the country. His show quickly became a hit, and he was soon credited with introducing rock and roll to a national audience. In 1963, he played the Beatles' first single, "Please Please Me," on his show, and he later introduced the band at their first concert in Chicago.

Biondi's career took him to several other cities, including Los Angeles and South Carolina. He also hosted a variety of television shows, and he even recorded a few novelty records. But he always considered Chicago to be his home, and he returned to the city in 1984 to work at WJMK, an oldies station. He remained on the air there until his death.

Biondi was a larger-than-life figure who left an indelible mark on American popular culture. He was a pioneer of Top 40 radio, and his flamboyant personality and on-air antics made him one of the most beloved DJs in the country. He will be remembered as a true original, and his legacy will live on for generations to come.

In addition to his work in radio, Biondi was also active in charitable causes. He was a longtime supporter of the American Cancer Society, and he also raised money for a variety of other organizations. He was a generous and compassionate man who cared deeply about others.

Biondi is survived by his wife, Nancy, his two children, and his four grandchildren. He will be deeply missed by his family, friends, and fans.

Jul 8, 2023

James Kingsley Rest in Peace


James Kingsley Obituary

Kingsley, James C.

James C. Kingsley, Ret. C.P.D., Age 76, passed away July 5th. Beloved husband of Nancy (nee Ahern). Dear father of Sean and Ian Kingsley. Loving brother-in-law of Maureen Ahern (Thomas Szulc), and Peggy Ahern. Cherished uncle of Lisa (Nick) Gedraitis and great uncle of Mae. Survived by many dear friends and relatives.

Visitation Tuesday 10:00 am until time of service 1:30 p.m. at Donnellan Funeral Home, 10525 S. Western Ave. Interment St. Mary Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Misericordia – In Support of Emma Rose Tracy - at For more info call 773-238-0075 or sign guestbook at

Sign Guest Book at

Jul 5, 2023

Danang Vietnam 2023 - Fireworks

Danang has changed a bit from our time in the 60's and 70's. We had very nice fireworks then, but better today. Safety is much improved!

The Da Nang International Fireworks Festival

The event attracted 8 fireworks teams participating in the competition: England, Italy, Poland, France, Australia, Canada, Finland, and the home team Vietnam.

With the meaningful themeThe world without distance each artillery team will have 20 minutes to give the audience spectacular performances.

Fireworks nights will be organized under the themes of each night: Love Without Distance, Peace for the World, Equality for Humanity, Unlimited Creativity, and Sustainable Tourism Development.

The final night will take place on the evening of July 8, 2023.

Photos below from Tet 2021.  



Photos from Danang, Vietnam, Tet New Year Celebration. A little different today then back in our day.

Danang is Fireworks Festival city. Lunar New Year’s Eve Fireworks is a great celebration.

Which is the way I remember it. We watched the Tet Celebration for 1970 from the top of Hill 327 looking over DaNang and south to Chu Lai.  You could see many tracer rounds fired up from positions up and down the coast, with multiple explosions. 
Very impressive. 

We got up on the roof of our building on top of 327 to view it. Likely not the smartest move. The rounds were going up, mostly, although whatever goes up must come down. And it was always possible that someone might aim at the perimeter lights of the Hill. Oh, well, big sky, little bullet. 

I don't have any photos of our this - my camera was too primitive. It was spectacular, with tracer rounds visible up and down the coast, from Hai Van pass south towards Chu Lai. They just don't make fireworks celebrations like they did back in the good old days.

This time-lapse photo shows a Douglas AC-47 "Spooky" at work on the outskirts of Saigon. The sheet of red raining down from the night sky represents only one of every five bullets fired from the gunship’s miniguns. (U.S. Air Force)

The Fireworks in Danang, Vietnam are much nicer and better than the ones during the Vietnam War.

Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Men (and Women)


Fireworks  Hill 327 XMAS Eve 1969

Twas the Night Before Christmas,
When all through the House
The Creatures were stirring
and shooting up the place

On Christmas Eve 1969 I arrived in Vietnam. It was gently raining. A very large hill loomed inland over the Danang airport swathed in bright perimeter lights like a halo in the mist. It was impressive and beautiful and frightening. There was a great deal of firing and flares from the hill and some of the guys thought we were under attack. 

Source of Photos:

We ran into a large building, one Marine shouted, "They're really getting hit up there. Take cover!"

I moved to the Hill - Hill 327 to MASS-3 a month later and found out that there had been no attack. It was simply a "lighting it up" impromptu firex to celebrate Christmas. Of course no one would openly admit that. You could fire at noises or sounds, so the troops were firing on Christmas eve at numerous noises and sounds.

Nice and impressive fireworks.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Photos source: 1970 Vietnam

Danang International Fireworks Competition from Rob Whitworth on Vimeo.

Portland, Oregon Fireworks July 4, 2023 - On The River