Jan 30, 2014

1976 Lincoln MK IV, Barry O'Brien

Norm, this is my "Ziebarted" '76 Lincoln MK IV, shes got 36000 miles on the clock!
Norm, this is my "Ziebarted" '76 Lincoln MK IV, shes got 36000 miles on the clock!

  • Norman Rick COOL!!! Hey, I forgot all about those oval windows in the landau roof---what a beauty!! I owned a used 1978 Lincoln Town Car for a couple of years---bought it in 1990! Dark blue---just gorgeous---of course I had to stop at every gas station in sight. Rode like a dream, but big as an Army TANK!!! 
  • Barry O'Brien there are little lights built into the opera windows, this is a designer series, Bill Blass, the interior is probably what Liberace's bathroom looks like, velour and mahogany trim, and yes, the eight track still works!
  • Norman Rick I wanted to say "opera" but I didn't know fer sure, and didn't want to sound like a fool. I most definitely remember the "Bill Blass" cars. I'm jealous, Barry. But I'll show you up some day when I find my dream classic--a 1985 YUGO!! Eatcher heart out dude!! BWAAHAAHAA!!! I'll be plasterin' so many pics all over Facebook!! 
  • Barry O'Brien You could put the 460CI mill in it and your Yugo would go! Pass everything but a gas station!
  • Norman Rick Refresh my memory, Barry---was the first "Mark" a Mark II??? And I am pretty sure there was a III??? All beautiful. And another classic I always loved was the first Monte Carlo---maybe around 1972??? Very cool styling! When I was 17, I got to "tool around town" in my Mom's brand new 1967 Mustang---I loved that car. The day after I got my license, me & my buddy drove it to Wilmington---I had it up to 95 mph (in a 55 mph zone on Rte. 66)---was I an "a-hole" or what?? Don't answer that, John Wason!!   Coming out of Wilmington (heading back to MG), a state trooper followed me for like, 3 miles---I was "blankin' bricks"---but ever so cautious--so, I guess he got bored & made a U-ee back towards Wilmington. Ah, to be young & foolish again---now I'm just old & still foolish! 
  • John Wason I wouldn't have figured you for a guy who liked opera, Barry.
  • Barry O'Brien Norm they had the Mark then II ,III IV, the body style changes is when they changed the number the First mark was a beautiful car they are pretty rare. Several years were designated as MK IVs, It went to MK V in 1977.
  • Barry O'Brien John , I love the opera except for the singing.
  • Ralph Komives Are you driving this now?
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  • Barry O'Brien Shes in the garage Ralph Komives only comes out on nice days!
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  • John Wason And where are you and the car, Barry? In Illinois? Or somewhere warm where there's no snow and salt?
  • Barry O'Brien Still in Illinois, glutton for punishment I guess.
  • Norman Rick "I wish they all could be California cars."...............................beach boys

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