Jun 27, 2015

Charles Horn Rest in Peace

Friends of Charles/Chuck...this is Chuck's niece, Jennifer, posting from his account I am so saddened to let you all know that Chuck passed away, peacefully, this morning. Many of you know from his prior posts that he had some health issues and had become sick again a month or so ago. He was such a fighter...more so than many of us ever knew...and we were all so proud of him. 

We know he is happy to be with all of his family members that have passed before him...his grandmother, mother, father, and brother especially. He missed them all so much. His family is spread out in various places but many are in Naples so we will be having his Memorial there, hopefully in a couple of weeks. 

I will post from his account periodically so that anyone who is interested will have the information. Thank you to all who have posted on his page in the last few weeks; we made sure he knew you were thinking about him and praying for him.

  • John Hitchcock So sorry to hear this, he was a good person and will be missed.

  • Lindsey Miller He will me missed 😇 He was a good friend

  • Lucille Younger So sorry to hear this. Charles was one heck-of-a-guy. I so admired him.

  • Veronica Camarillo So very sorry for your family's loss.

  • Marc Alscher RIP. Friend.

  • Tom Kester Pat and I are so very sorry to hear this. He will defintely be missed. We had many good times and converstions!

  • William Paxson So sorry to hear. My heart goes out to you and his family.

  • Michael S. Collins Very, very sorry to hear this! My thoughts are with all of you. He was a great man.

  • Kathy McCann-Patterson So sad to hear this , Jennifer ! We have been praying for him . Saw he had visited with your Mom lately too ! Sorry for your loss !! Kathy & Ron

  • Jil Reinhold Smith Oh, oh, so deeply saddened by this news. I knew him briefly in the last few years through this Facebook format. Condolences to you, Jennifer, to Judy and all other family and friends that were closest to him.
  • Julie Marschand What a tremendous loss to our world. He was a remarkable person and very loving. May he rest in peace! My condolences to his family and friends.

  • Chip Turner I'm so sad to read this. I actually didn't know that he had a recurrence in his illness. He was a great person and we will miss him! Thank you for letting us know.

  • Bonnie Weiss Boudle I am so so sorry. Prayers to his family

  • Brian Price He is such a great person. He will be missed on earth. He was a great neighbor.

  • Meghan O'Connor Oh Chucky! Im so sad to read this but I'm glad your are at peace now my friend! Rest easy!! 

  • Glenn Rubin RIP Chuck you were a good guy

  • Judy Halligan Willingham Thank you, Jennifer. Chuck was dear to many people. We share your loss.

  • Gaye Schulhof Marcus Sorry to hear that Chuck lost his battle. RIP

                     Craig Harlan Hullinger Nice gentleman. We remember him in our prayers

  • Katie Uhl Rest in peace Chuck. You were a genuine good person and will be missed. 

  • Xiomara Perez He was the kindest soul... I wish I would have said more to him recently. But wow, what a great human.