Jan 6, 2014

Tri Gamma Sorority 1967

Top Row: Eda Mannerelli, Carol Meyer, Beryl Combs, Linda Guarascio, Debbie Crabtree, Lea Micetich.

Middle Row: Denise McComb, Jean Klenk, Dale Kasman, Barb Gustafson, Beth Guntorius, Debbie Ohse, Joan Machtemes, Bonnie Johnson, Barb Giltmeier.

Bottom row: Linda Taglieri, Barb McComb, Linda Coyne, Laura Williams, Phyliss Wiertel, Jan Leo, Sue Morgenroth, Joy Holzhauser, Barb Wiggins. (Apologies for misspellings or errors!)

Barbara J Smith Mccabe, Barbara Ferring, John Foster and 5 others like this.

Barbara Ferring Does anyone have a pic from 1961 or 1962 ?

Doris Sundland Miskiv I belonged to DKD from 54-57. Still close friends with my pledge group....so much fun...my husband was a PHI DELT....Lost my ring and still looking to find a other..

John Wason Don't recall this particular sorority, but three or four of the young ladies look familiar.

Paula Klenk Everett Love this, my sister Jean is second row, second from left . Thanks for posting.


From Facebook:   EMPEHI ALUMNI 1954-1979

Thanks to Dale Kasman Kerbs for posting.

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