Mar 30, 2013

Beverly Woods Restaurant - Easter

Easter rolls for Sunday-last yr they sold 1000 dz this weekend

From Facebook  - Paula Klenk Everett MPHS
Easter rolls for Sunday-last yr they sold 1000 dz this weekend

Mar 29, 2013

Salerno Butter Cookie

What is it dear?
I want a Salerno Butter Cookie, 

I heard you dear
Salerno cookie coming right up

You can lookie, lookie, lookie
But you'll never find a cookie
With a better butter batter than Salerno

Salerno Butter Cookie!

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  2. Salerno Butter Cookies - The Chicago Cookie Store
    The Chicago Cookie Store - Maurice Lenell - Pinwheels.
  3. Whatever happened to Salerno Butter Cookies!
    They were my absolute favorite, and now I can't seem to find them anywhere!!!!!!
  4. Where can you buy salerno butter cookies › ... › Desserts, Snacks, and Treats › Cookies
    In this week's Jewel-Osco ad (Chicagoland) there is an ad for Salerno Butter cookies. The ad is 2 fo $8 regular price is 2 for $9.50. I have no idea where they ...
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    Curious about how many calories are in Butter Cookies, The Original? Get nutrition information and sign up for a free online diet program at CalorieCount.


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Mae Jemison MPHS Astronaut

Mae Jemison MPHS Astronaut

Mar 28, 2013

Mimi Williams

Well, Idol is over and the spot was so freakin' short after 2 days of rehearsals and one day of shooting...but that's Hollywood. I did get to see Sienna twice...once singing a line with Candace and then with the other kids singing 6 words of the song. Guess the commercial thing was about the Idol people, not the kids. But I heard her sing and loved it! (Sienna was the one with blue headband) thanks all for putting up with an overzealous Nana!

  • Laney Booth Overzealous, no way!!!

  • John Marcotte I love overzealous Nana's! LoL

  • Meredith Froemke Great Nana's ARE SUPPOSED to be over-zealous!!!!!!!

  • Michael Piranha I can over-zealously state to you ALL that there are NO apostrophes in Nanas.

  • Meredith Froemke hahaaa, you are correct, thank you!

  • Judie Ross This Nana says you can get as overzealous as you ya meems.

  • Paul Gold She had two one shots, a two shot and the group pic. I would have said that compared to the other kids, she was featured !
    And as usual, Sienna looked precious !

    (I TIVO'ed for you like you asked)

  • Julie Marschand You had a right to be over zealous! She is adorable!

  • Christine Leo Saw her!! what a great experience and what a sweetie!


Well, tonite's the night. My grandaughter on American Idol... probably for about 45 seconds but she is so excited. "I can't beleive I'm on TV, Nana. It was fun until they told me that. Then I got nervous". The 8 kids were filmed at her school in Mt. Washington. Sienna got "coached" by contestant Candice. Anyway, she will be in the front row wearing a white dress, has long brown hair.