Sep 29, 2012

Gator Jim

Jim Nesci MPHS Jan 66 and his Alligator. Jim is on the right, the gator is held by the happy young man. 

I took my 5 year old grand niece Olivia to the Linger Lodge, an old Florida restaurant in Sarasota filled with stuffed animals including a large gator with a human foot protruding from his mouth. The restaurant is located on a small river and I told Olivia to be on the look out for gators. 

As we walked down to the river we spotted a 7 footer about 20 feet away, calmly watching us.

I asked Olivia if she wanted me to go into the water and bring him out so she could pet him. "NO!"  she said, shaking her head vigorously. I asked her is she wished to go into the water to play with him. "NO!" she said firmly.

I had previously shown her photos of Jim Nesci and his gators and told her if she wished we could have him bring his animals to her coming birthday.

"NO!!" she said, "Princess Tea Party."

I don't exactly know what happens at a Princess Tea Party, but I think the gator is probably more interesting. 

Thanks to Chris Leo for posting the photo on Facebook.

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Karen Holck Ketterman

Karen Holck Ketterman

MPHS Alumni at Large


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Sep 27, 2012

Swank Skating Club

Many MPHS students enjoyed skating at the Swank Roller Rink on 111th St near Western Avenue.

Thanks to Kristine Lang for posting it on Facebook.

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Sep 24, 2012

Palermo's Pizza Night

Hello Fellow EMPEHI-ites, 

A group of us had a really great way to start off the weekend this past Friday night: there were eleven of us who met at Palermo's in Oak Lawn for some anti-pasto, great tasting pizza and beverages of our choice.

Gee........I feel like the Teen Tattler reviewing a High Schoolparty......let's see , who was there? Besides myself, there was Chris Leo, Carol and Pete Raines, Bob Laschober, Tom & Karen Schildhouse, Susan McBride Newhard, Marlene Walko and Chuck Thompson and a lady friend (sorry, Chuck, but, I plum forgot her name and I can't blame it on booze because I don't drink, unless the Diet-Pepsi was out of date). We had a fun evening that was filled with plenty of laughs, great stories and reminiscing.

We're thinking of having the next Pizza Party out in the Naperville area towards the end of October. Watch this web-site for details in the near future.

If you've never made it to a Pizza Party before, you should try to come; just a bunch of 60-ish alums getting together for a fun time and good food & drink. Hope to see a whole of you at the next one.

Dennis Carlson