Apr 28, 2009

Guess Who is the Creature?

Look who Don Martensen found.  

Guess before looking below:

He has not changed since grade school.

He is the creature holding the creature.

Check out his web site.

He is famous now, and on TV often with his critters.

Say hello to him

OK, now you know the rest of the story.

Jim Nesci jimnesci@coldbloodedcreatures.com

Hope to see you at the reunion, Jim.

Apr 24, 2009

Dave Innes Photos

Here are a few photos I finally got around to scanning ~ mostly from the movie activity, plus a few taken in Camutz English class with my little "spy" camera. Enjoy!

Dave Innes Bond Studebaker Hawk

Renee Toppen, Don Martensen, Scott Brissey

Miss Camutz (Not as old as we are now!!)

Lynn Carlson Cheerleader

Bevy of Beauties Barb Schultz, Renee Toppen, Joyce Prange

Renee Toppen, Don Martensen, Barb Schultz, Carl Walesa, Joyce Prange

Align Center
Diva Jayne Mulder

Carl Walesa

Lynne Carlson, John Barber, Miss Camutz

Miss Camutz

Photos From Bob Glines and John Meeks

Whizzer Motorbike - Classic Mt Greenwood Chopper - Photo from Bob Glines. Bob, Pete Terry, Don Martensen, and Craig Hullinger terrorized the neighborhood with these awsome machines.

The Mt Greenwood Graduation Phamphlet below courtesy of Bob Glines - Proves we actually graduated from grammar school.

Mt Greenwood Graduation Program 1962

Apr 16, 2009

We were never that young

We were never that young

Renee, Don, Allen Dueling Volkswagen Prepare for a Drag Race

Open House

Mr & Mrs. Toppen

? and Larry Habsmidt

Dave Innes in action

Carl Walesa 

Bruce Mason

Alien Ship over MPHS Abducting Jan 66 Students

Randy Lam after abduction

Randy Lam can still do this and will demonstrate at the next reunion

Saggatuck Mini Reunion

Saggutuck Reunion ca 1995?

We were never this young, were we?  Scott Brissey, Dave Innes, Carl Walesa, I think, and don't know the gentleman on the left.