Jul 27, 2010

Calling All Facebook Users or Wanabees

Calling All Facebook Users or Wanabees.

We have a MPHS Group on Facebook named:

Morgan Park High School Alumni '65-'67

To get to this page, log into Facebook and type in the above in the search box in the top center. 

It should find the page by the time you finish typing morgan. 

Then you can read the messages and write one if you want to.

If you have not joined Facebook yet, you can do so by going to: 


And sign in. Then it takes a while to get the hang of it, as when you first learned email or word processing.

I would describe Facebook as Emails with photos.

But is also a social networking site.  You can write to individuals, post messages on your own page, or post messages on other pages. And you can post your own photos or look at photos placed by your friends.

The link below is a set of instructions for Facebook. Of course, I try never to read the instructions. I prefer the Million Monkee Method, which is developed from the concept that if a million monkees worked on something long enough, they would actually succeed.



Jul 16, 2010

Yahoo Pages for EMPEHI Reunion and MPHS Forum

The Yahoo pages for EMPEHI Reunion and MPHS Forum are a forum for Morgan Park High School graduates from 65-67. If you would like to look over the content, look on the column to the right and click on Yahoo EMPEHI Reunion or MPHS Forum.

The EMPEHI Reunion page is for pleasant memories. The MPHS forum is for discussing civic issues, politics, and religion.

Debate can sometimes get heated on the forum. But when people get insulting or rude they are required to do pushups or run laps.

Mt Greenwood Grade School also has a Yahoo Forum.

Calling All MPHS Vets

Morgan Park High School in Chicago is assembling a list of MPHS Veterans from the Vietnam era as was done for WWI, WWII, and Korea. They will place the names outside of the Principal's Office.  

They have asked us to help assemble names. Please send me the year you graduated or attended MPHS, your branch and dates of service, and whether you served in Vietnam.  A short description of your experiences would be nice, and pictures are worth a 1,000 words.

Since there are now lots of folks falsely claiming to be Vets (Nice to be fashionable - who would have believed this in 1970?) perhaps you could send me something official proving your service. Preferably send a scan by email, but you can also send it snail mail to 423 High Street, Peoria, IL 61606.

I encourage you to write a long version of your experience with photos and publish it on line. And please send that to me for inclusion in the book / blog that Jim Seamon and I are developing about the experiences of all of us during the 60's - Veteran or not. 

I will place the names and stories / photo on this blog, and provide the information to MPHS.

Our Blog / Book about our collective experiences in the 1960's and after