Feb 29, 2016

Leadership Principles

Be technically and tactically proficient.

Know yourself and seek self-improvement.

Know your Marines and look out for their welfare.

Keep your Marines informed.

Set the example.

Ensure that the task is understood, supervised, and accomplished.

Train your Marines as a team.

Make sound and timely decisions.

Develop a sense of responsibility among subordinates.

Employ your command in accordance with its capabilities.

Seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions.

Feb 27, 2016

We Are On The Five Most Popular Social Networking Sites

Facebook1 | Facebook
3 - eBizMBA Rank | 1,100,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 3 - Compete Rank | 3 - Quantcast Rank | 2 - Alexa Rank | Last Updated February 1, 2016.
The Most Popular Social Networking Sites | eBizMBA
Twitter2 | Twitter
12 - eBizMBA Rank | 310,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 21 - Compete Rank | 8 - Quantcast Rank | 8 - Alexa Rank | Last Updated February 1, 2016.
The Most Popular Social Networking Sites | eBizMBA
LinkedIn3 | LinkedIn
18 - eBizMBA Rank | 255,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 25 - Compete Rank | 19 - Quantcast Rank | 9 - Alexa Rank | Last Updated February 1, 2016.
The Most Popular Social Networking Sites | eBizMBA
Pinterest4 | Pinterest
22 - eBizMBA Rank | 250,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 27 - Compete Rank | 13 - Quantcast Rank | 26 - Alexa Rank | Last Updated February 1, 2016.
The Most Popular Social Networking Sites | eBizMBA
Google+5 | Google Plus+
30 - eBizMBA Rank | 120,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | *32* - Compete Rank | *28* - Quantcast Rank | NA - Alexa Rank | Last Updated February 1, 2016.
The Most Popular Social Networking Sites | eBizMBA

Feb 22, 2016

The Evolution of Swimming Suit in America

We know what you were expecting..... you Infidel!!!

May the fleas of 1,000 camels infest you!

Ken Zalga MPHS in Retirement

Okay.... Draw you own conclusions... And yeah... That's me..

Ken in Retirement circa 2014...  Notice 4 things...  The tomato plants behind me, the fly on my arm, the Budweiser and the Stogie in my left hand...

Taking this picture was taken one of my oldest friends..... Mario Palaggi....  I got the electronic document this morning..
We're still laughing.....


Looking good!!!

Want me to put this on our Yahoo page?  And/or empehi.com?


I don't care...Sure, why not..  

BTW, this was probably the last picture of me with the "Gabby Hayes" beard...  My sisters were outraged and almost forced to get rid of it... Coerced you might say...

 I did look like a bum and I didn't give a shit but, I was getting strange looks.  

Back to clean shaven every 3 to 5 days..


Ken was a lean mean fighting machine Marine back in the day in Vietnam, well groomed.

Look what 40 years of work did to him.


Feb 21, 2016

Citizen Diplomacy - The Sister Cities Story

I work with the Sarasota Sister Cities Association.  It is  a great organization.  I handle the social media. Our report and addresses shown below:

February 2016 Social Marketing Report

Tel Mond, Israel Dancers in Sarasota Feb 17, 2016

We publish our schedules, info and photos on our Newsletter Blog - click:   

You can post information and photos and interact with others on the addresses below. All of our members and friends are encouraged to join us:

Facebook  facebook.com/SarasotaSisterCities

Twitter       twitter.com/#!/SarasotaSisterC

LinkedIn    linkedin.com/in/sarasotasistercities

Pinterest   pinterest.com/sarasotasister

Our web site:   sarasotasistercities.org  

We use the Email:         sarasotasistercities@gmail.com

If any of you would like to help improve our social marketing systems give me a call or send me an email or just jump in and start posting to our Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Twitter addresses.

We look forward to seeing you.

General Eisenhower talking to the troops, later founded Sister Cities

Craig Hullinger
309 634 5557

South Suburban Airport - Third Airport For Chicago

Map above from 2013, map below February 2016

Planning and land purchase continues for the Third Airport for Chicago.  The map above shows the progress of land acquisition. 

Planning for the airport has been underway for over forty years.  My wife and I worked on this issue for many years. 

It is of course very controversial.   Many of the people who live in or near the site are very opposed. Other people see the airport as the economic engine for the south side of Chicago.

The area is at the south end of the Chicago developed metro area, bounded by Crete, University Park, Monee, Peotone, and Beecher. I-57 is on the west side, I-294/Rt 1 on the east side, and the new I-355 Tollway would be on the north side.
A considerable amount of land has been acquired for the initial airport. It probably will not be developed until the economic recovery creates additional demand for air traffic. O'Hare and Midway are of course very busy and congested and Chicago is the major Hub for the United States.

I prepared the Land Use Plan Map and local transportation improvement plan above. The Plan is a mosaic of the plans of Will and Kankakee County and the Villages of Crete, Monee, University Park, Peotone, Beecher, Manteno, and Grant Park. 

The web sites below tell more about the airport.




Google Apps

Google Apps and Drive are great free applications provided by Google. You can store information in the cloud, share files It allows, and prepare, edit, and publish documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

It is a bit confusing at first, but over time I have really grown to like it. Go ahead and try it.

First thing to do is get a gmail address. Go to gmail.com and create your account. You can use any set of numbers and letters that you want.  I just use my name - if I forget that I won't need Google Drive any longer. craighullinger@gmail.com

You can use any browser. I really like Google Chrome. Try it, you will like it. google.com/chrome

After you have created your gmail account, log in and go to the 9 little black boxes in the upper right hand corner.

Click on that and you will find a box like 
the one to the right.  These are applications that Google provides for free.  And there are more but these will do for now.  

The Calendar App is easy.  Just click on it and go to work.  If you use gmail on your phone you can also get the app and see the same calendar on your phone.  And your can sync your calendar with your spouses or coworkers calendar.

The Drive App is very handy.  Google gives you 15 gigabytes of free storage.  That may last you for life. You can buy more than that for a modest sum.

On the Drive you can store documents, spread sheets, files of any sort, and photos. This is of course handy - keep copies on your PC and in the cloud and have 100% backup. And of course you can keep your handy dandy back up hard drive and have 200% backup.

You can also download a copy of Google Drive on to your PC, your pad, and your phone.  All the copies should stay in sync - update or add a  document from device and it will update on the cloud and you can access it from your other device. Or from any PC in the world if you log into your gmail account.

Incidentally, I used to use a very simple password for my gmail account - I figured if I got hacked it did not matter.  But now I have a lot of info on my drive, so I have memorized a more complex password.  You can easily remember it by using your old simple password and add a number of !! or @@ or numbers to it.

Googe Photos is also very nice. If you use a cell phone with your gmail address, you can set it up to automatically upload to the cloud every photo that you take.  Then you can distribute the photo to Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc etc.

You can also get link to share albums of photos- click to see some photos I took last week.

Blogger is one of my favorite Apps. A blog is probably where you are reading this. A Blog is a website - free from google. I 

You can have up to 100 blogs per gmail address.  You can just tell people about your family, your interests, or you can write the Great America Novel.

That is enough for now.  Go and surge forth. 

Some of my blogs below:

Google Drive - free online storage from Google on the App ...


Feb 1, 2016 - To download the free app Google Drive - free online storage from Googleby Google, Inc., get iTunes now. ... Get started with Google Drive for free and have all your files within reach from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. All your files in Drive – like your videos, photos, and ...

Google Drive - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


For Google Drive to synchronize files between the user's computer and Google Drivestorage, the Google Drive 'client' software must be running on the user's ...
Users‎: ‎240 million (October 2014)
Available in‎: ‎68 languages
Launched‎: ‎April 24, 2012; 3 years ago

Health Food

Looks Yummie!!

In the recent art page of the Sacramento (CA) Bee.

Thanks to friend Mike Yui for sharing.