Jun 20, 2012

Rainbow Cones

Rainbow Cones is still on Western Avenue in Beverly. Delicious

Jun 19, 2012



Just a few days left to take advantage of the $100 per person Two Night Package for the upcoming reunion and save $10.00.

Buy your tickets at:

Hope to see you there.

Morgan Park High Reunion Committee
Mid 1960 Classes - Chicago, Illinois
312 857 6764

Jun 13, 2012


Just a reminder -- you have only a few more days to take advantage of the Two Night Package for the upcoming reunion.  For just $100 per person, here’s what you'll get:  Friday night’s Party Planner Supreme, Jean Storms Sommers (Class of 1966), will have Lexington House decked out like prom night, except you don't have to dress up! The jukebox will be packed with our Sixties’ favorites for your dancing pleasure, and an abundance of portable food (some of it downright healthy) will make it possible for everyone to circulate, converse and admire items for the Memorabilia Contest while the Open Bar dispenses your beverage of choice for 4 hours!  As the evening wears on (and we wear out), coffee and desserts will be most enjoyable while “fabulous prizes” are awarded for various categories in the Memorabilia Contest.

Saturday night’s Mistress of Ceremonies, Jan Miller (Class of 1965), has been exercising her artistic side, directing and producing some short videos for your entertainment, and Bill Kamenjarin (Class of 1967) is “composing” a list of appropriate musical selections.  Jan has also been working with the staff at Tinley Park Convention Center for months to present a more elegant culinary offering – light appetizers as you arrive followed by a lovely buffet featuring a prime rib carving station as well as another meat. Not a carnivore?  Don't worry, we'll be offering a veggie alternative too!  As if that’s not enough, Susan Engle Budash (Class of 1967) is putting together a raffle of items donated by some of our very talented classmates.  Everyone gets one raffle ticket at check-in, and you can purchase more if you wish.  You can also purchase your choice of adult beverages at the Cash Bar.

IT’S TIME TO SIGN UP for our rapidly approaching reunion August 3-4, 2012. We'd appreciate it if you could forward this email to all your MPHS friends to make sure that as many classmates as possible get the word on the reunion. All the scoop about our Classmates Today photo contest, the status of the Morgan Park High School tour and the plans for a Sunday event (think FREE) will be forthcoming on our web site at http://morganparkhigh.com.

Please help us make this a great event! 

P.S.  The Reunion Committee received a very generous, anonymous donation of $500 to our “scholarship fund” for classmates who want to attend the reunion but are financially challenged.  Please e-mail our Treasurer, Judy Willingham, at empehireunion@aol.com if you would like assistance.  Of course, all correspondence regarding this matter will be maintained in complete confidence.

PS - If you did not receive this as an email then it either went to your spam folder or we don't have your email. So check your spam folder and / or send an email to morganparkhigh@gmail.com so we can make sure we have your current email.

Sign up at:


Jun 11, 2012

David A McLain MPHS

  • Will Hepburn I've heard of comb-overs, Dave, but I think you are taking it to an extreme.
  • David A McLain Better than Trump's!
  • Will Hepburn Touche - or is it toupee. Actually I saw an interview, maybe Barbara Walters, where she pulled his forelock back to see what was under there and Trump's hairline is still in good shape under there. I was surprised.
  • Gaye Schulhof Marcus Some people have a monkey on their back and others just wear one for a hat!!!

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Jun 9, 2012

2012 Reunion - Taffy Cannon

I haven't been able to participate as actively as I'd hoped in planning the 2012 Empehi Reunion, for personal reasons, but have watched with great respect from the sidelines as committee members put together a weekend of great plans for August 3-4. Indeed, I confess that I only yesterday sent in my own registration, which is ridiculously easy to do via a secure online connection at the reunion website, http://www.morganparkhigh.myevent.com

I've been to all of my own 1966 reunions except the 10th, and to all of my husband's 1967 reunions. Every one has brought joys and surprises. I've reacquainted myself with old buddies and developed significant friendships with people I never knew at all at Empehi, some of whom have offered me extraordinary kindnesses. I cherish great fleeting memories of folks I've seen only once since 1966, at one of those reunions.

We're in our seventh decade now, and the events of our high school years often seem as remote as the black rotary dial phones we had back then. But we were all shaped in some ways by that shared experience, and the very fact that we subscribe to a list called Empehi Reunion suggests that we know it.

We aren't the same people we were back then, which is probably a very good thing. But we have grown and evolved in intriguing ways. Some followed the paths they had always envisioned, and others headed out on trails we could not have imagined as teenagers. We've emerged better people for the joys and sorrows, the achievements and disappointments, the roads to nowhere and pathways to the stars.

Life is fragile, as I was reminded this spring when I lost my two closest and dearest male relatives in a single dreadful two-week period. We've lost more and more classmates as well. Dave Noren and Jim Ohse, two guys who could not have been more different, were instrumental in many reunions for the classes of '66 and '67. Both of them are gone since we were last together in 2007.

I'll miss them this August, but I'll also relish the chance to spend time with those who remain. Which is a very roundabout way of saying that I hope as many of you as possible will make it a point to come to one or both of the reunion functions in August.

And hey, folks who are in the Chicago area, I am particularly talking to you!

Taffy Cannon, June '66
Carlsbad, California

Gayle Stepanek in Action

Now that is a serious fish. Gayle Stepanek in action.

Tonights winner with a record 14 inch Crappie! 

Jun 5, 2012

Morgan Park June 2012

The expanded campus has far more recreational and open space then when we attended. Very nice.


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