Jun 30, 2014

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Jun 29, 2014

Vincent Intrivici

Vincent Intrivici, age 78, passed away June 26, 2014. Retired CPS teacher at Morgan Park High School. He is survived by many cousins and close friends. A Funeral Mass will be held Monday morning at St. Joseph Church, 5614 S. 72nd Ct., Summit, IL. Entombment Queen of Heaven Mausoleum. Arrangements by Lack & Sons Funeral Directors. Sign the online guestbook at  www.lackfuneralhome.com.  For info 708-430-5700


If you could please post this online... I know
Vince had many friends and colleagues at
Morgan Park. 

Joanna Pach

National Geographic's Wild Life Video

Nice Video posted on our Yahoo Group page by Charles Van Liere MPHS 66.

  Thanks, Charlie.

Sat Jun 28, 2014 6:28 pm (PDT) . Posted by:

"Charles Van liere" cvl254

  Hope you all enjoy this video as much as I have.  


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Jun 28, 2014

A spontaneous feel-good moment

Click to see the video

A spontaneous feel-good moment for your weekend.
This guy was just filming the waves what happens next is incredible...

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  • John Wason I don't get it. Why would dolphins (if that's what they are) allow themselves to be washed in to shore, and have to be dragged back into the ocean by humans? There's something seriously wrong with that picture.

  • Taffy Cannon Sometimes when you're screwing around you get lost, or confused.

  • Sue Chap Bugajsky Whales have been known to "mass strand." These were lucky after being towed by the people they didn't retry it. Thanks to all who helped.
  • John Wason God (or evolution, if you prefer) didn't give them very good instincts, is all I can say.

  • Craig Harlan Hullinger Very cool. Thanks for sharing. I will put it on http://empehi.com

Anagrams Mustangs = Nags Must

Check out the anagrams from your name. It can be pretty funny.

Anybody can play:


EMPEHI                           Pee Him

Morgan Park             Ark Ma Prong

Beverly                    Verb Lye

Mt Greenwood          Demote Wrong

Mustangs                 Nags Must

Jun 27, 2014

Karen Holck Ketterman Wedding

From Facebook - Karen Holck Ketterman MPHS Alum
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27 years ago at 6am in the morning,as you can see my 3yr old son Randy walked me down the isle or rather dragged me to Marry Denis Kettermanc1932 Ford to take us back from our Balloon Ride that was canceled as you can see by the weather rolling in. But at least the strolling Minstrels in the back ground kept singing! 

After our vows we were suppose to go up in the Balloon, and Our guests were to follow in a double decker bus on a Balloon Chase. That is why the wedding took place at 6am. No one knew not even Denis what was to take place that day. It was a surprise for everyone. They were told just show up at 6am.
Karen Holck Ketterman's photo.
Karen Holck Ketterman's photo.
Karen Holck Ketterman's photo.
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