Dec 6, 2013

Man Saved After Three Days Underwater

Click for the Amazing video of the man saved after being trapped underwater for three days.

Tanya Basu
How did a man trapped in the depths of the sea survive for three days in conditions that surely should have killed him?
Turns out that an air bubble was Harrison Okene's savior.
The Nigerian man had been lost at sea after his tugboat, the AHT Jascon-4, suddenly capsized and sank 100 feet below the surface of the ocean. Okene, a cook, was trapped in a four-foot bathroom with no way to signal for help, no food, no water—nothing, for three long days.
His miraculous survival was filmed six months ago by rescuing divers who had come to collect bodies and instead saw Okene's desperate, outreached hand seeking help. This week, the video has gone viral, bringing international attention to the power of an air bubble.

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