Dec 6, 2013

Illinois Windmills

The Bartel Windmill ca 1890

An authentic Dutch Windmill functioned for many years in Tinley Park. It was located on Oak Park Avenue at 171st Street.
It was destroyed in 1911.


Peotone Windmill

Windmills very similar in shape and size to the Tinley Park Windmill were built by the same builders, Bartel of Kankakee. The Mill in Peotone, IL is 3 blocks east of their historic downtown in a neighborhood.

Fabyan Windmill in Kane County

The Fabyan Windmill in the Kane County Forest Preserves north of Aurora on Highway 27 east of the Fox River is another example. It was also built by the builders of the Tinley Park Windmill.

Windmill in Holland, Michigan

The City of Holland, Michigan developed a Windmill as a tourist attraction.


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