Sep 14, 2013

Mount Greenwood a Very Safe Neighborhood

Mount Greenwood Ranked Third Safest Neighborhood in Chicago

Find out how Mt. Greenwood compares to the best and the worst crime rates in Chicago.

Mount Greenwood ranks as the third safest neighborhood in Chicago, according to an analysis of crime date by Chicago Magazine.

The analysis looked at each of the city's 77 neighborhood areas and examined the crime rates for homicide, assault, battery, sexual assault, arson, and burglary. The crime rate per 100,000 was 1,016.

Beating out Mt. Greenwood's low rate were Edison Park and Forest Glen on the northwest side. Also in the top five were Norwood Park and Dunning.

For comparison, the city's most dangerous neighborhood, Fuller Park, had a crime rate of 13,456 per 100,000.

Read the full story by Whet Moser of Chicago Magazine. 


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