Sep 27, 2013

Mini Pizza Reunion September 27, 2013

Mini Pizza Reunion at Palermo's Friday September 27, 2013 at 7 pm

Mini Reunion

Friday night, September 27th at 7:00 PM at Palermo's in beautiful downtown Oak Lawn (on the south side of 95th Street and 1 block west of Cicero).

I will put both of you down as coming and if everyone else will drop me an e-mail and let me know if they're coming, I can make the appropriate reservation to accommodate our party.

Hope to see a whole bunch of you there.

Dennis Carlson


From: Joan Pettavino 
Subject: Pizza at Palermo's?

Hey, I just checked my calendar, Dennis, and that Sunday drive down to Oak Lawn sounds like it could be a winner for me, too. If that works well for others, I'm hoping I'll be able to join you. The Friday after work thing gets a little hairy driving in rush hour and all. I'll look for the official posting.

Thanks, and it will be good to see you again, 

Joan P. '66

From: Taffy Cannon 

Subject: Pizza at Palermo's?

Hey, Dennis!

Seems to me you were talking about a pizza evening at Palermo's sometime in September. I'll be in Oak Lawn on family business the last weekend of the month and wonder if it might be possible to schedule it for that weekend? Either Friday the 27th or Sunday the 29th would work for me if anybody will be around.

Worse case scenario, I'll have to eat the entire pizza myself. I have shouldered greater burdens.

Taffy Cannon, June '66
Carlsbad, California

Because I experienced some problems with my e-mails last week, I am not certain that I received all the commitments for this Friday night's Pizza Get-Together at Palermo's. So, here are the names that I have so far that are coming Friday night:

Taffy Cannon, Carol & Bob Raines, Joan Pettavino, Carol Zalga, Chris Leo, Bob Laschober .......... others???

I apologize if I missed someone's name; like I said, my e-mails were screwed up last week and I know I missed a couple of names.

And, there is always plenty of room for others who hadn't decided if they were coming, so.........please drop me an e-mail if you are planning to attend. My e-mails should be OK by now.

See you at Palermo's Friday night at 7:00PM. In case you don't know where Palermo's is's on the south side of 95th Street, 1 block west of Cicero in Oak Lawn.

Dennis Carlson


From: Dennis Carlson
Sent: Monday, September 30, 2013 10:48 AM
Subject: [EmpehiReunion] Palermo's September 27th Pizza Get-Together

A very good time was had by all 10 of us who attended last Friday night's EMPEHI Mini-Reunion at Palermo's Restaurant in Oak Lawn. Great pizza, salad and beverages were consumed by Taffy Cannon, Chris Leo, Carol & Bob Raines, John Zielinski, Carol Hager Zalga, Susan McBride Newhard, Tom & Vicki Paxson and me. There was much reminiscing, story telling and laughter and we pledged to do this again before the year ended. These mini-reunions are certainly open to anyone who would like to attend.
Please join us at the next one.

So, this is Dennis Carlson, reporting with the up-to-date news and facts, but not everything, of course .......because, what goes on at Palermo's, stays at Palermo's; HaHa! and I am hardly a Teen Tattler, but, this is what it must have felt like 50 years ago. That's right.....Oh the humanity. The Class of '67 started freshman classes 50 years ago!! 

Until next time..............

Dennis Carlson, Class of '67


As always, thanks for organizing these gatherings, Dennis, and also for being the non-Teen Tattler. It's always nice to know that what goes on at Palermo's, stays at Palermo's. Heck, now that we're getting so much older, who would remember what happened anyway!!!! LOL Hoping to be able to make the next one, but if it's too close to the holidays and/or the weather turns fowl, don't count on it.

See ya next time, I hope -

 Pettavino '66 (and yes, Dennis, it was 51 yrs. ago that I/we entered H.S.)

Thanks again to Dennis for setting this up and thanks to the folks who came and shared their good company. I am still laughing at the story Dennis told about an early (perhaps first?) date when ....

Oops, I almost forgot. What happens at Palermo's stays at Palermo's.

I am back home after eating an embarrassing amount of pizza in a scant four days. Once I discovered that I was staying just a few blocks from a Beggars, I was a goner.


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