Sep 2, 2013

From the Morgan Park High School Page

Morgan Park High School, located at the intersection of 111th street & Vincennes Avenue (11100 South and 1700 West) and affectionately known as Empehi, is a Chicago public high school that opened its doors on its present site in 1916. With an expanding student population, an addition was built in 1925, providing the school with a gymnasium, auditorium and swimming pool. Expansion continued with the completion of a major addition in 1965.

In 1983 the campus was greatly enlarged and improved with the addition of tennis courts, a football field, running track, baseball field, soccer field, outdoor basketball courts, student driving range and faculty parking. From its beginning, the Morgan Park High School student body has been multi-racial and multi-cultural. Empehi's long history of racial, economic and religious integration has offered an outstanding environment for the education of its students. Beginning with 283 pupils in 1916, the school grew over the years to more than 3,300 in 1975, when overcrowding, even with the use of branch facilities for freshman, finally resulted in a court-ordered enrollment plan designed to reduce the student population while preserving an integrated student body. The present student enrollment is a stable 2,200.

Morgan Park offers a comprehensive high school program to meet the needs of all of its students. Students may choose to prepare for college, or the world of business, take vocational courses, or learn from a broad menu of language and international studies options, while enjoying many activities and sports. In 1982 Morgan Park High School instituted a Language and International Studies Program that also allows students to enroll from outside the school's attendance area. The addition of a 7th and 8th grade Academic Center component allows advanced level students to begin earning high school credits and to study languages before 9th grade.

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