Sep 30, 2013

Five Step Method To Ensure Non-Plagiarism Real Good

It is easy to plagiarize while blogging.  Frequently we read something interesting and copy it into our own blog. We need to make sure that we only copy the beginning of the post and provide a link back to the original source. The original writer will like this attention. What he won't like is if you copy the entire article and don't credit him or her.

So I searched on the net and plagiarized this interesting post from Cuddlebuggery.

Five Step Method To Ensure Non-Plagiarism Real Good

2013 is turning out to be the year of blogger plagiarism.  There have been at least four scandals this week and it isn’t even over yet.  Good people, great bloggers, wonderful friends of ours have been hit with the big P.  I’ve named it the Plagiarism Plague in honor of the event.  It’s like the Black Plague only without the boils and death and fleas.  Truthfully, I don’t know what the Black Plague was, but… yeah, probably not similar at all now that I think about it…

But if you notice something weird, as far as we know, Cuddlebuggery has never been plagiarized.  This is due, almost entirely, to our patented Five Step Method To Ensure Non-Plagiarism Real Good.  If you follow these five steps, then you too, could ensure you’re never plagiarized!

1. Don’t write real good

You know, you really brought this on yourself by being awesome at what you do.  You express yourself eloquently, with style and substance and engage your readers with the power of your written word.  But that’s really hard to do and much easier to fabricate.  The first step to not being plagiarized is to stop putting your words together in a way that makes sense-like.  When a plagiarist sees that they have to move your words in a way that will make gooderer English?  Well, it just takes up too much damn time!  Pretty soon preying plagiarists will be coming to your blog, seeing your jumbled prose and moving along as fast as internet will take them!

Grammar and good English is your not-friend.  Words in their order proper is bad.

2. Make up a bunch of words and stick them placewheres

Nothing is harder to plagiarize than nonsense.  I mean, have you ever seen one of those crazy hobbos on the street with their, “The world shall end tomorrow.  Repent and worship the almighty tomato!” sandwich boards, crying that they’ve been plagiarized?  No, you know why?  Because indiscriminate insanity is hard to replicate.  And hey, look at it this way: Shakespeare made up words all the time!  Over 1,700 of them!  Only just because he happens to be a “genius” and “famous” they don’t say he made them up – they say he invented them.  Which is just a fancy word that means he made them up but people didn’t think he was crazy for it!  And you don’t need to be madjuiced either, my readfan!  So what if you’re not a fifteenth century bard celebrated throughout nowish-time?  You’re still a blogsmith and you hobberdanglies often!  And if people don’t know what a hobbergangly is then they can’t steal it!

3. Inject crudeness so massive and erect that nobody would ever think of taking it


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