Jun 4, 2015

Spamarama Cheescake

Some years back a friend who formerly lived in Alaska wanted us to help celebrate her birthday in early December with an outdoor breakfast at a fire pit in a local park.

When I would river raft in Alaska we frequently took Spam since it didn't need to be refrigerated. So, I showed up with Spam and roasting sticks, diced the Spam into one inch chunks and showed everyone how to slow-roast them like a marshmallow so the grease melted and ran right out of them. The result was so good we built an annual Spamarama party out of it.

The second year there were 12 of us and it grew steadily from there. After a few years we had 60 people at our house for a pot-luck breakfast, a fire and of course roast Spam. To make enough for everyone and allow folks to mingle instead of trampling each other at the fire, I set up a charcoal grill, sliced the Spam french fry style and cooked them in a wire veggie griller thing.

Of course our anthem was the Spamalot song from Monty Python.

One year a fellow brought his kids ages 10-12 who turned their nose up at Spam until I described it as being like bacon fries. They wouldn't stop eating it.

Unfortunately, the Spamarama was a casualty of my divorce and hasn't been done for a few years. Maybe I'll resurrect it someday. It was sure fun.

Will Hepburn MPHS 66


Great story Will!

If I ever wind up visiting Prescott, I will bring some SPAM and sticks.

Don Martensen 
Jan 66


I am surprised that no one mentioned the Spam Museum. Especially since we have so many world travelers among us. Unfortunately, as you'll read below, the Museum is being renovated and will not reopen until 2016. My fascination with Spam dates back to our days of living on our boat when each Sunday afternoon all the liveaboards would get together for a "If you lived here, you'd be home now" pot luck cookout. Each week we had a theme, and one of the best was "Spamorama."

Here's a bit of trivia -- The residents of the state of Hawaii consume the most Spam per capita in the United States. Burger King restaurants began serving Spam in 2007 to compete with the local McDonald's chains. In Hawaii, Spam is so popular that it is sometimes referred to as "The Hawaiian Steak." 

The tiny western Pacific island of Guam is known mainly for its U.S. military outpost; but it’s also far and away the world’s largest consumer of Spam. After the majority of the U.S. military force that occupied Guam during World War II left, the canned, preserved meat the soldiers ate stayed put. Today, Guam consumes more than 16 cans of Spam per person, per year — more than any other country or territory.

Spam musubi is a popular snack and lunch food in Hawaii.

Will, here's a link to a recipe that would be a great addition to your breakfast tradition should you decide to resurrect it: http://www.spam.com/recipes/SPAM-French-Toast-Sticks

Judy Halligan Willingham '66


The SPAM® Museum is closed. But it’s not “Goodbye.” It’s “See you in 2016.” For over 12 years, the SPAM® Museum has delighted over a million visitors with delicious curated exhibits celebrating delicious curated meat. The SPAM® Museum simply can't be beat — except by a brand new SPAM® Museum! That's right, the museum that reinvented the museum category is reinventing itself. 

The museum that deeply moves you is moving to downtown Austin, Minn. All the exhibits are going out to lunch on Sept. 28, 2014, and they'll be returning in the spring of 2016. So set your cooking timers, and get ready for the grand can reopening!

Going through SPAM® Museum withdrawal? Well the SPAM® Store is still open, so you can get your fill of all things SPAM® brand! Shop online or stop by our location inside Games People Play.

701 18th Ave. NW
Austin, MN 55912

Retail Store Hours:
Monday–Saturday: 10 a.m.–5 p.m.


Hmm. Spam French toast. Sounds good, but why dilute such a good thing with carbs?

Thanks, Halligan.

Will Hepburn

Just out of curiosity, was SPAM sent to troops during VietNam? I know it was shipped to troops in WWII.

Did you have spam in Vietnam?

Don Martensen MPHS Jan 66

Never saw Spam in the Nam. In fact, in my entire life, I don't think I ever ate Spam..

Big in Hawaii.

Ken Zalga MPHS 65


No spam in Vietnam.

C-rations were used. Many of them were good.

Ham and lima beans were hated by most. They were called ham and mothers. This was not a term of endearment.

C-rations would be handed
Ham and Mothers (Lima Beans)

out without knowing what they were - names of the meal on the bottom so that the troops would not hassle. Then guys would trade meals or parts of meals.

A few years ago Peoria conducted a fund raiser for the troops in Aghanistan. 
They held a $50 a plate dinner at the Pere Marquette hotel. Each diner received an MRE (Meals Ready to Eat), which was what replaced C-rations. Big success, lots of people participated.

C-ration - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Meal, Ready-to-Eat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Will, How about making the Spamarama Cheescake for the next MPHS Reunion? I would like mine with Jiffy Whip and a Cherry on top, with chocolate sauce on the side.

Craig Hullinger MPHS Jan 66

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