Jun 7, 2015

Monty Python Spam



Hormel introduced SPAM in 1937. It contains shoulder pork and ham. The brother of a Hormel VP won a contest to come up with the name.

But how did the word SPAM become associated with junk e-mail?

If this seemingly well researched account is to be believed, the 1970 skit on SPAM from Monty Python's Flying Circus has a lot to do with it.

Don Martensen MPHS Jan 66


I am now paying a heavy price for light-heartedly trying to introduce SPAM as a discussion topic on this forum.

Naturally, I did some research on the topic before posting, which included visiting the official SPAM website.  Now advertisements for SPAM are popping up on almost every website I visit, including the Forum!  It's like the SPAM people are tracking me.

BTW, since I've already been targeted, and have nothing more to lose, I might as well let all of you know, in case you are planning a road trip to Austin, Minnesota this summer, that the official Hormel SPAM Museum is closed this summer. It's scheduled to reopen in a new building in 2016. 

Just in case anyone's interested.

Don Martensen MPHS Jan 66

You were spammed

Ken Zalga MPHS Alum


I sure was!

Don Martensen


The Monty Python skit was friggen classic...

Ken Zalga MPHS


The world of SPAM is bigger and more beautiful than most of us may have thought. Besides Portuguese Sausage, Teriyaki, lower sodium and lower fat varieties, there is also Black Pepper SPAM, Jalepeno, Chorizo, Garlic, Tocino, Hickory Smoke, Turkey, SPAM and Cheese, and SPAM with Bacon. Not all are marketed everywhere, though.

The SPAM people are very savvy internet marketers. After visiting the official website a few days ago, advertisements for SPAM are being inserted into many of the other websites I am visiting. 

The official SPAM recipes page is also fun to see.

Don Martensen


Have had the chorizo, black pepper, teriyaki, bacon, hickory smoked, as well as the low sodium, low fat, turkey, and cheese. Many are very good, none bad, but the original still rocks the Spam world. IMHO.

The Portuguese sausage sounds really good, though.

Tom Schildhouse


Some recent finds on Amazon.

-Don M

More proof that Hawaiians are really into SPAM:


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