Jun 17, 2015

Casa del Loma 111th St and Hoyne Avenue

"Chicagoans are used to the flatlands of our city. However, the city's mostly uniform topography is actually broken by ridges created by ancient glacial movement. The topographical variant on the south side is known as the Blue Island Ridge and home to many fine residences. Although owners of homes on the Blue Island Ridge in Chicago's Beverly-Morgan Park neighborhood consider their residence the "house on the hill," only one officially has the name. 

Casa del Loma, or the Hill House, sits at the peak of the Blue Island Ridge north of 111th Street on Hoyne Avenue. Ironically, Casa del Loma didn't really start out as a house. It began as a library for the Baptist Union Theological Seminary, constructed around 1886. Established in Morgan Park in 1877, the Baptist Union Theological Seminary operated on five acres donated by the Blue Island Land & Building Company. They remained there until 1892 when the institution became part of the Divinity School of the University of Chicago."

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