Mar 1, 2014

Where we went for fun, how many do you remember?

KiddieLand / 8400 W. North Ave. Melrose Park, IL. (1929-2009)
Bell's Apple Orchard
 Bell's Apple Orchard / 1005 West Lane # 22 Lake Zurich, IL (1939-1998)
the chicago stadium

 The Chicago Stadium / 1800 W. Madison St. Chicago, IL. (1929-1994)
Mill Run Playhouse / photograph by Craig Locaciato
 Mill Run Playhouse / Golf Rd. & Milwaukee Ave. Niles, IL. (1965-1984) photograph by Craig Locaciato
Spindle / Cermak Rd & Harlem Ave. Berwyn, IL. (1989-2008)

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