Mar 4, 2014

Ray Justinic MPHS Jan 6 Saves The Day

Ray Justinic MPHS Jan 66 had some interesting fights with non MPHS students where he saved the day.

Pete Terry and Craig Hullinger MPHS Jan 66 were proud of you and also a little jealous. 

Would you please tell us the story?


Actually it was two guys that were not students that went after some of our teachers (male teachers, slight built from the math department, I will let you guess the names). More along the lines of a tackle and double head lock until the cops showed. One of them passed out from the head lock and the other was fairly easy to hang on to. I had the bottom half of my football gear on since it was just before practice. They were punching away but the pads and cup pretty much took the brunt of their attacks

The other situation was a guy trying to steal a girls purse near school…that was a one on one with the girl and Lynn Carlson as eye witnesses. He lost and the gal kept her purse.

When your in your teens and you know your bullet proof:-) The school break in did make the newspaper, but I never had to go to court, they cut a deal.

That was the start of my Federal Agent career ….

That is all the story your going to get unless it is over a beer and pizza during one of Dennis’s pizza parties.



Great story, Ray. Thanks for sharing.

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