Mar 25, 2014

Maybe Spring Has Already Sprung

Maybe spring has already sprung where you live, or you might be where the Great Lakes are nearly frozen over and there’s no relief in sight. Rain pours incessantly in some regions and others are beset by drought.

Back at Empehi, we all shared the same spring weather, even as we went about very different lives, schedules, and activities. What did spring mean to you? The Sox and Cubs?  Spring Break, and those lucky few who traveled to Florida? New Easter clothes? The last blizzard, followed by the actual last blizzard? Prom and other semi formal dances? St. Patrick’s Day before the parade came south to Western Avenue? Spring Production? The opening of Rainbow Cones? Maybe even some academics?

Help us keep those memories and others from our youth alive by staying in touch. You can follow Empehi mid-60s classes via a wide range of social media listed at the end of this note. Most importantly, please keep us updated if you move, retire, change your email, or decide that you never want to hear another word about Morgan Park High School. 

Our goal is to keep you as informed as you want to be. Let us know via e-mail to

We have former classmates on Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.  Information on how to stay in touch via those social networks is on our website for those who are interested:

Happy Spring!

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