Mar 9, 2014

Great Chicago Fire Cyclorama

a study for the Great Chicago Fire cyclorama by H. H. Cross. 


Panic at the Rush Street Bridge
Pandemonium reigned at the Rush Street Bridge, the last bridge to burn in the early morning hours of October 9, 1871. This scene depicts people, carts, and horses going in both directions at once: most are heading north, although that section of the city is burning, too. Note the Chicago Water Tower standing in the distance, one of the few buildings to survive the fire.

Escaping to the river
This portion of the mural depicts people rushing toward the Chicago River, hoping to escape the blazing city by boat. This view is looking eastward, toward the mouth of the Chicago River and Lake Michigan.

Burning of the Old United States Marine Hospital
Built in 1850 and 1851, the Marine Hospital stood on Michigan Avenue near the site of old Fort Dearborn and the Rush Street Bridge. It occupied land that once belonged to the United States government and provided medical care for military veterans, including those from the Civil War.

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