Nov 26, 2013

Snackville Junction - Food Served by a Model Train

Snackville Junction was the little restaurant that served its customers by a model train. For a small child this was and still is a great treat. It is in operation at its latest location at 9144 S. Kedzie in Evergreen Park.

9144 S Kedzie Ave 
Evergreen ParkIL60805

Very Short Video

Nancy Benoit commented on Facebook on the Memories of 95th St 1960's to 1970's. You can see the discussion generated below. 

Nancy finds all kinds of interesting photos and information and puts it on the Facebook page. Some of them we repost on this this blog.

Thanks, Nancy. Great work.

  • Ione Benoit Ellis Grandma Boylan use to take Kevin and I there for lunch . The look on his face when the train would deliver our food was priceless. Is it still there?

  • Lynda Levora Blust it's at 92nd & Kedzie
  • Nancy Benoit I know but I can't find the image one when they were in Beverly East of Western on North side of St.

  • Lynda Levora Blust 110th & Western

  • Lynda Levora Blust where is Brett when we need him for info

  • Ione Benoit Ellis We went to the one at 110th and Western.

  • Nancy Benoit No that was the second one ~~ when I was little the first was before Western ~~Ione the orginal was almost across from Wm A Lewis on 95th and something

  • Nancy Benoit My Dad used to bring us there

  • Brian Devitt I brought my son and a few of his buddies there, from Dupage to 110th western..his friend put fries on the track, wanted to derail train... a customer stopped him, I was out moving the car, Needless to say my sons friend was left outta future road trips...bjd aka big dog

  • Ione Benoit Ellis It was around 1974 when I first visited the one at 110th western.

  • Mike Swan We take our two our great -grand kids to the one on Kedzie

  • Janet Ballantine Irk Will have to try it my next visit

  • Brian Devitt Has it moved to kedzie now???snackville junc. and rainbow cone kinda in the right proximity, for another road brian d aka big dog

  • James Dart the original location was at 108th and Western...Where Chesterfield Savings is...across street from County Fair Foods (Queen Pet Store was there)

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