Aug 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

My husband and I are headed for my daughter's house with the car packed to the gills -- thank goodness I have been preparing for our "move" to Florida for two months, so everything was in good order.

Ken stayed aboard our boat during Isabel and faced chest high water on the dock (He's 6'5") as well as 12 hours of ferrying himself around in our dinghy trying to adjust the lines on every boat on our dock, so I'm extremely happy that he has chosen to take to high ground with me.

Last time around, I evacuated to the local Best Western with our cat. We had to be removed by bus because the water was a foot deep in the lobby. The pictures I took of Fisherman's Inn across the street from the Best Western are still displayed in the lobby of the restaurant, although I fear they are about to be replaced with newer, "better" photos.

For those who have time on their hands, Google "Piney Narrows Yacht Haven" and/or Kent Island, Maryland -- you'll see why we are so outta' here. God bless those who are in Irene's path.

Judy Halligan Willingham '66 

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