Jun 27, 2014

Karen Holck Ketterman Wedding

From Facebook - Karen Holck Ketterman MPHS Alum
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27 years ago at 6am in the morning,as you can see my 3yr old son Randy walked me down the isle or rather dragged me to Marry Denis Kettermanc1932 Ford to take us back from our Balloon Ride that was canceled as you can see by the weather rolling in. But at least the strolling Minstrels in the back ground kept singing! 

After our vows we were suppose to go up in the Balloon, and Our guests were to follow in a double decker bus on a Balloon Chase. That is why the wedding took place at 6am. No one knew not even Denis what was to take place that day. It was a surprise for everyone. They were told just show up at 6am.
Karen Holck Ketterman's photo.
Karen Holck Ketterman's photo.
Karen Holck Ketterman's photo.
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