Feb 16, 2013

MPHS Social Marketing Report

MPHS 65-67

Social Marketing Report

Social marketing is a low cost way to improve connections among fellow MPHS alumni.  Learning these systems is confusing - much like algebra at MPHS. But there are no grades here and how you perform will not be part of your permanent record. If you are reading this blog you have mastered the most important part.

The only address you need to remember is our blog empehi.com or our web site morganparkhigh.com. These sites have all our information and explain how to connect.
These are the best sites for information.

If you want to connect and communicate with your former classmates the best sites are our Yahoo pages, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

The report below cites the number of people participating in each system.  All of them are slightly overstated - some people have joined with more than one email and some people are not from our MPHS 65-67 group.  But it gives an idea about how many people are using the systems.

Many people our age do not use the internet at all and can only be reached through mail or phone.  Others use only email or web searches. And some use one or more of the systems below. More people are learning more systems.  

Total MPHS 65-67 Guestimate

Alumni minus lost, say 1300 +-

Email    morganparkhigh@gmail.com 684 Contacts

Blog     empehi.com       30,659 Hits

Web Site    morganparkhigh.com    
20,917 Hits


groups.yahoo.com/group/EmpehiReunion  236 Members

groups.yahoo.com/group/mphsforum 44 Members

MorganParkhighSchool    131 Friends

MorganParkHigh      40 friends  106 Likes

LinkedIn.com   187 Connections

twitter.com/morganparkhigh       15 Followers

Google+    28 MPHS Members

pinterest.com/morganparkhigh   37 following

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