Feb 20, 2013

Da Mayor Richard J. Daley

For most of us 60 something Mustangs, Mayor Richard J. Daley was Da Mayor !
  1.  A colorful character who led the city.

    Never articulate, he was the master 

    of malapropisms

    Mayor Richard J. Daley referred to a tandem bicycle as a "tantrum bicycle" and made mention of "Alcoholics Unanimous" (Alcoholics Anonymous).

    'We must rise to higher and higher platitudes together.'

    1. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_J._Daley
      Richard JDaley. Daley at the Illinois Democratic National Convention in 1976. 48thMayor of Chicago. In office. April 20, 1955 – December 20, 1976. Preceded ...

    Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago Dies at 74

    Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago Dies at 74. By PAUL DELANEY Special to The New York Times. CHICAGO, Dec. 20--Mayor Richard J. Daley...
  2. Mayor Richard J. Daley

    Mayor Richard J. Daley. Richard J. Daley, an only child, was born in 1902 into an Irish catholic neighborhood of south Chicago. He went to Catholic elementary ...
  3. Richard JDaley news, photos and video - chicagotribune.com

    Richard JDaley was mayor of Chicago from 21 years, from 1955 to 1976. During that time, he headed a vast Democratic political machine.
  4. After MLK killed, Mayor Richard J. Daley tells LBJ, "We're in trouble ...

    Updated.... On April 6, 1968, President Lyndon Baines Johnson ordered federal troops to Chicago to halt violence that broke out in the city in ...
  5. American Pharaoh: Mayor Richard J. Daley - His Battle for Chicago ...

    www.amazon.com › ... › Leaders & Notable People › Political
    $13.55 to $40.00
    You might say it took a village to raise this child. Richard Daley and Chicago are inseparable, and it's impossible to discuss one without at least mentioning the ...
  6. Richard JDaley | Chicago Freedom Movement

    Richard JDaley was the extremely powerful Democratic mayor of Chicago who was determined to control the Chicago Freedom Movement ...
  7. City MayorsRichard M Daley - Mayor of Chicago

    The Daley family is legendary in US politics, the city equivalent of the Bush and Kennedy clans. Daley's father, Richard JDaley, was Mayor of Chicago between ...
  8. Daley's Chicago

    ... Richard JDaley attended parochial elementary and secondary schools and, after ...In 1955 Daley ousted incumbent mayor Martin Kennelly in a bitterly ...
  9. 30 years - Remembering Mayor Richard J. Daley - YouTube

    Jan 14, 2007 - Uploaded by hadroid
    The funeral of Richard JDaley, the people, the politicians, the family. 15 minute DVD. boguta@digihara.com.

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