Feb 18, 2013

MPHS's Best Band

Chris Vlachos    -  MPHS's best band.

From Facebook   Empehi Alumni 1960-1973

Bill Smithson Is that Cedric Carlson on the left?

Kristine Lang "CANTEEN"

Vicki Robinson I loved Canteen. SO much fun!

Karen Holck Ketterman That is cedric carlson on the left.

Steve Crabtree Wow, Cedric was very talented! Bitter Ends havent heard that name in a longggggggggg time. I bought a Mastro Snare drum from him for $7.50 in early 60's. Is he around?

Sherry Robinson-Flugel OH! I LOVED the Canteens!!!!!

Chris Vlachos Yes, that is Cedric. He died, apparently, some years later.--totally fried on drugs. We would see him walking around the streets like a Bob the Weatherman. They all graduated in 1967, so many of us who were still in grammar school then never got to ...See More

John Foster I for one never got to hear them but had heard how good they were. Met Cedric through Paul Bergamini at his fathers rest. so many years ago. The last time I saw Cedric was when he was with my step brother Rich Kelly and was fried from the drugs he took he actually thought he was a minister.

John Foster I remember playing a Canteen with Frank Zieger at the Presbyterian church (my church) and we had 2 guitars, 1 amp and 1 mic. Now I will tell you I was scared to death but we pulled it off and filled the dance floor.

Steve Crabtree Cedric jammed with the cardell brothers on 113th and Hermosa. This was before the British invasion. It was more folk type music. I don't think the garage had a overhead door. The landlord that lived next door would yell at 9 pm to knock it off. He was lucky it wasn't a wall of Marshall's!!

Steve Crabtree Ps. He played acoustic guitar and would switch to a highhat and snare. That turned out to be a higher grade snare that I ended up buying for 7.50.

Bill Smithson Who's on the drums in this picture?

Chris Vlachos Urban Faber

Chris Vlachos Gold standard of MPHS bands-then the "Sound Track" (IMHO)

Bill Smithson Saw them at a "Battle of the Bands" in Roseland. They were by far the best band there. However they only took second place. It seems the band that won was sponsored by, I think, a music store, that also sponsored the winner. The fix was in! When Cedric sang he reminded me of Eric Burden. Its a shame what happened to him.

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