Feb 13, 2013

Chicago Scoop

Excellent articles about Chicago in the Urbanophile

"Chicagoism, Part 5: Where We Go From Here by Robert Munson"

"In the first post, we set the context for Chicago’s ambition to serve as the transportation center for the manufacturing and consumer economy; as symbolized by the 1933 World’s Fair. Audaciously declaring Chicago’s leadership during a deep depression, the economy that emerged had a policy stabilizer, the New Deal, that also was coined in 1933. That political economy peaked in the 1960s, as did Chicago. After Boss Daley died, the ensuing 15 years of political chaos threw Chicago’s ego into a tailspin. Then almost miraculously as the largest example of Rust Belt revitalization, Daley’s son righted Chicago as businesses and people started returning. Chicagoism — and its spirited ambition — had been revived."

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