Jul 29, 2012

Reunion - Who’s Coming and From Where?

Have you checked out the “Who’s Coming” page on our website yet?  Scroll through and see if YOUR name is on the list – if not, hurry and purchase your tickets online by Tuesday.  

We have a great crowd of Empehi grads attending from every elementary school from Barnard to Vanderpoel.  At this point, Mt. Greenwood is leading the pack with Clissold and Sutherland tied for second place. Of course, all the Saints are in there – Barnabas, Cajetan, Christina, Margaret, John the Fisher and Queen of Martyrs!  Of course, we can’t forget, Esmond, Kellogg and Shoop.  

The Class of 1966 is best represented with the Class of 1967 threatening to take the lead.  We’ve got a healthy number from the Class of 1965 too – and some from ’64 and ’68 answered the invitation too.  Can’t wait to see you all at 6 p.m. on Friday night at Lexington House -- don't forget the Memorabilia Contest!

A last reminder that Saturday’s Dinner starts at 6 p.m.  The Friends of Bill W. will gather at TPCC at 5 p.m. – location will be posted.

The votes for the prestigious Photo Contest have been tallied.  Winners receive a trip to the Islands – Blue or Stoney.  

Judy Halligan Willingham won for the “goofiest” photo. Karen Holck Ketterman won for the “most classic” photo and Hank Gentry and Nick Vlachos tied for “coolest.” The surprise here was that each guy received a landslide number of votes -- 4,513 each with a large number of hanging chads. We suspect a Chicago “Vote Early, Vote Often” pattern.  You can see all the photos on the “Classmates Today” pages of the website.

One of the most fun jobs at the reunion is working at the registration table, greeting people as they come in.  We have a few slots open if you would like to work an hour or two.  Please reply to this e-mail address as soon as possible.

Details on the reunion events are on our web site at morganparkhigh.com – watch the website for last minute information on the possible school tour and the availability of walk-in admissions.

Please bring your camera or cell phone to snap pictures during the night. After identifying the people in the pictures, please upload them to the website or blog or Facebook  for others to enjoy - instructions are on the website. You can also email or mail them to us and we will post them on line.

Morgan Park High Reunion Committee

Mid 1960 Classes - Chicago, Illinois
312 857 6764

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