Jul 5, 2012

Morgan Park High Communications

We 60 something Mustangs have a number of ways to communicate.

Our Main Web Site is MorganParkHigh.com. We put out the word here. This site explains how to use the other sites and provides links to the other sites. This is the only address you have to remember.

Yahoo Groups  - You have to join - free and easy.

Pleasant Conversations

Political Discussions 

Facebook - You have to join - free and easy

Our Facebook Group



Our Other Blogs

Share your story here   http://mphsforum.blogspot.com/

Vietnam Discussions  http://vietnammphs.blogspot.com/
We welcome your posts and photos. You can post directly to Facebook, Yahoo Groups, and Twitter. If you would like to post to the blogs, let me know and I will get you set up to post directly, or you can send me an email with your contribution or photos and I will post.

Snail Mail, telephones, email, and face to face also work.

See you at the next reunion. Read all about it at:

Questions, comments, scoop, photos, or concerns to:


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