Jan 3, 2016

School Songs - Update

We posted this on our Facebook page 
facebook.com/MorganParkhighSchool to see if the songs we loved back in the day are still sung. They are still going strong as of 2003.

School Songs

These were the MPHS School songs in 1966. Are they still the school songs? Or are there more modern tunes?

EMPEHI, EMPEHI, we are loyal;
EMPEHI, EMPEHI, we are true.
We will fight for your colors flying
For the green, for the white and for you.
As our team marches into the battle
We will cheer for your victory and fame.
EMPEHI, we are ever faithful
And proud of your glorious name.


We are the Mustangs,
The Mighty Mighty Mustangs,
Everywhere we go-oooh,
People wanna know - ooh.
Who we are-rr
So we tell them,'
etc ectc
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