Jan 24, 2016

How Do You Look Without Your Makeup on a Bad Hair Day

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I posted a couple of political cartoons one of which showed Donald Trump without makeup.

One of our participants took exception and wondered how I might look without your makeup? 

My response below:
I admit that I look terrible without my makeup. 

The photo below is when I was very young, but I had no makeup on.

And it was a bad hair day.

So I should not be so hard on President Trump.  20 pushups for me.

Parris Island, Marine Corps boot camp, 1967

Note the fatigue and fear.  They kept us up all night screaming and yelling.  And the glasses were fake - they were military without lenses.  They wanted everyone to look the part, hence no civilian glasses.

The photo below is from last night. I had no makeup on - looked terrible - although all the women were interested in what I had on underneath.  The party was the German American club of Sarasota - a Fasching, which is carnival costume party. My wife and I went as Egyptians wearing outfits we bought in Egypt.

The party  was at the VFW.  They were not serving pitchers of beer in the banquet room, so I went on the other side into the VFW bar to get a pitcher.  

For the record, it takes some nerve, poor judgement and perhaps an over serving of beer to go into the VFW bar without makeup.  I made an impression.

My wife and I won the contest for best costume. 
Craig Hullinger MPHS Jan 66

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