Aug 28, 2015

Chicago Nuclear Waste Forest Preserve

The Cook County Forest Preserves has the land where the World's First Nuclear Reactor was rebuilt during World War II.  During the war there was an enormous effort to develop the first Atomic Bomb before the Nazi's or Imperial Japan.  

The government was sloppy about disposing of the site, and buried a lot of material.  There was quite a bit of radiation.

My brother, father and I went to the site when I was about 12. We wandered around the site, and found an old metal building that had some weird, very light soil. My brother and I climbed the soil pile in the building and slid down the hill. Probably not the smartest thing we ever did but we did not 
glow or anything.

    Red Gate Woods: 'Site A' - Forest Preserves of Cook County

    Forest Preserve District of Cook County
    Their ultimate goal was to make the accepted theory of nuclear fission a physical .... Once the survey scope expanded to include nearby Red Gate Woods picnic  ...

    Red Gate Woods - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Red Gate Woods is part of a forest preserve within the Palos Division of the ... Site, which contains the buried remains of Chicago Pile-1, the world's first nuclear  ...

    Here Lies the World's First Nuke | Feature | Chicago Reader

    Chicago Reader
    Graphite blocks were used to slow down neutrons in the first nuclear reactor; Norbert ...Toward the end of the last ice age, Red Gate Woods was what geologists  ...
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    [PDF]Red Gate Woods - Beyond Nuclear

    Dec 1, 2012 - Red Gate Woods: History's First Radioactive Dust Bin. By Kevin ... We did not see how a true nuclear explosion, such as that of an atomic bomb,.
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    Red Gate Woods To Open By Spring - tribunedigital ...

    Chicago Tribune
    Oct 4, 1996 - Cleanup Of Nuclear Debris Nearly Finished, U.s. Says ... Known as Site A, the 19 acres deep inside Red Gate Woods in southwest Cook  ...

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  1. Red Gate Woods | Atlas Obscura

    "Caution - Do Not Dig". A curious epitaph, but a forest preserve is a curious place to house a nuclear reactor laboratory, and Red Gates Woods in Cook County,  ...

    Chicago Pile I - First Nuclear Plant Meltdown? - Hidden In ...

    Apr 6, 2012 - Hidden In Open Sight, Nuclear Reactor Buried In The Woods ... "Red Gate Woods is a forest preserve within the Palos Division of the Forest  ...

    Plot M Nuclear Burial Site, Willow Springs IL - YouTube

    Mar 19, 2012 - Uploaded by U2 boy
    The Site A/Plot M Disposal Site is located within Red Gate Woods and situated on the former grounds of ...

    Radiation Readings at Plot M Well in Red Gate Woods ...
    May 3, 2010 - Uploaded by reznicek111
    Radiation Readings at Plot M Well in Red Gate Woods. reznicek111 .... Searching for the buried nuclear reactor in the woods. - Duration: 14:50.

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