Aug 2, 2015

Two Facebook Pages For Morgan Park High

We set up two Facebook Pages - Two is Better Than One.

Why did we set two up? Because we are confused.  

Now we use one for just the 65-66-67 classes (and wannabe / wishtheywere), and the other for everyone who ever went to MPHS (or wished they had). We did not plan it this way, but why plan when you can react? 
is for mid 60's 65-66-67 MPHS Graduates. We have 109 Friends, 159 Likes.

is for all friends of MPHS.  We have over 1,697 friends for this page as of August 1, 2015 with many more people joining every day.

We also have a Facebook  Group for 65-66-67 MPHS Graduates.

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