Jul 7, 2015

Social Marketing Report

Our social network is an effort to improve communication among mid 60's graduates of Morgan Park High School. Our focus is on the mid 1960's class but we help out other classes as well.


If you are on any of the systems below link or like or connect with us. Then share photos or stories with your former classmates. And let your other classmates know about us and ask them to connect with us. Or you can email us stories or photos to morganparkhigh@gmail.com and we will post them

Here is the latest report on our social marketing systems. The usage among our classmates is slowly increasing. The participants are not all our classmates - We let everyone join under the theory that even if they are obviously younger than us they may be joining for a parent or relative.

facebook.com/MorganParkHigh   Likes 87 in 2014; 152 in 2015 This page is for mid 60's grads

facebook.com/MorganParkhighSchool  Friends 330 in 2014, 731 in 2015 - This page is now used by all MPHS Graduate

linkedin.com/in/morganparkhigh   Connections 203 in 2014; 248 in 2015

twitter.com/morganparkhigh  Followers 29 in 2014;  59 in 2015

plus.google.com/+MorganPark People in our MPHS Circle 58 in 2014; 135 in 2015

pinterest.com/morganparkhigh Followers 28 in 2014;  58 in 2015

EMPEHI.com 62,407 Page Views 2014; 122,718 in 2015

Yahoo - EmpehiReunion - Members 236 in 2014;  238 in 2015

Yahoo - MPHSForum - Members 46 in 2014;  45 in 2015

morganparkhigh.myevent.com  Personal Profiles  124 in 
2014;  126 in 2015

EMAIL Connections - 600+-
People frequently change their email addresses
and we loose them, especially as they retire. Please send us an email if you have not received occasional emails from us.



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