Jul 28, 2015

Nathan Benderson Park Sarasota, FL

Nice morning.

Small Gator at the bottom of the sun reflection

Nathan Benderson Park Sarasota, FL

Situated just west of Interstate 75 in tropically beautiful Sarasota, Florida, Nathan Benderson Park is a unique 600-acre community park providing the public access to a picturesque 500-acre lake and an exciting world of recreational pursuits.

Athletes look forward to rowing on the park’s world-class 2,000-meter sprint rowing and training course, while families and visitors can get on the water in a kayak, rowboat or stand up paddle board, find a scenic spot to enjoy an afternoon picnic, or walk, run or bike our peaceful, neatly manicured trails encircling the shimmering lake. The choices are virtually endless, and every moment takes place amid the sights and sounds of Florida’s pristine natural beauty – with the possibility of seeing an osprey, splashing fish or blooming flowers along the way.

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